Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Sabine's Wild Ride"- TAKEN FROM THE D.A.

JE SUIS TRES TRES TRES TRES TRES FURIEUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kit, Alexandria, and Nellie are the biggest sensationalists ever. They are totally exaggerating the truth here!
Anyway, I bought an issue of the Daily Alexandria, the PPBS official newspaper written published by yours truly Alexandria "Zan" McConnell. I looked at the front page to find this horrific, dramatized story:

Sabine's Wild Ride (written by Kit Kittredge; Photos by Nellie O'Malley)

"All of us know Sabine Bouchard as the dreamer, the innocent, sweet little French girl. What started out as Ava Seffner and Liz Cole having fun turned into a wild, wild ride. Liz and Ava carried Sabine, singing the "AMERICAN IS SUPER GREAT (a.ka. "The Star Spangled Banner") SONG."

"The spectators were laughing; they were enjoying every minute of this."
"Suddenly, Sabine starting screaming 'PUT ME DOWN, AVA AND LIZ! This isn't funny!"

"Ava was having too much fun, so she objected to putting Miss Bouchard down. 'NEVER!' Ava shouted."

"Liz readily agreed with Ava, arguing not to put Sabine down."

"Sabine had enough, so she decided to jump off!"

"Sabine confronted Ava about the whole thing. She readily yelled at Ava, saying that what Ava did was mean and wrong."

"Ava objecting, saying that she was just joking about everything and that she was trying to have fun."

"Sabine was so infuriated that she jumped on and starting singing La Marseillaise, the French national anthem. Sabine wouldn't get"

"She pulled Ava's hair and pushed her over. Spectator Amanda Tisdale tells us it was horrifing and that it was so uncalled for. Taylor Stewart adds that Sabine crossed the line."

"Liz made sure that her friend was OK. Liz tells us that 'Ava was completely in shock'."

"An outraged Ava lets everyone know that Sabine will be getting revenge, so 'Look out Sabine Aurelie Bouchard! I'm so going to sabotage you! It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, but it will so be happening.' So...what is Sabine's fate? Maybe she'll be kicked out of school? Keep reading the DA for updates!"




Haley said...
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Haley said...

Ugh! Ava is awful! That's her new nick, Awful Ava! She shouldn't have done that to you. She should have respected your wishes to get down.
And then they had the nerve to publish the whole thing in the school paper. How ridiculous! Lucky me, I work AT my school's paper so if something embarrassing were to be written about me, I would see it before it gets to print. ;) You should totally report this to a teacher or even the principal. Someone has to do something about this.


Harper Lee Simmons said...

That is horrible! A few weeks ago, someone tried to pick our teacher up. She's short so sometimes people think it's cute and fun, but she hasn't been asked in awhile. Well, this is one of her hugest pet peeves. So she yelled at the girl who couldn't figure out why she was mad. First of all, she hates it because it makes her feel like they think she can't do anything for herself (she can walk!) and she doesn't like to be treated like she's a cute mascot. Plus, it hurts! Anyway...she hasn't talked to this girl in forever. I REALLY hope someone gets control of Ava!!

Wendy said...

Aww, Sabine, I'm sorry... that's such mean thing for them to do! And then to put it in the school paper. I can't blame you for being angry.

kitandruthie said...

ava os pure evil how could she do that to you????