Sunday, April 19, 2009

"You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home"

J'ai vu Hannah Montana: Le Film!!! C'etait fabuleux! (I saw Hannah Montana: The Movie! It was fabulous!)
I want to see it better come out on DVD soon!
My favorite part was when Miley sang "Hoedown Throwdown" at the barn-looking place. Amanda, Miley, and I did the dance.
Ava and Hayley are constantly making fun of me for being a Miley fan, so of course, when I told them I loved the movie....

Anyway, I made Christelle see it, too. Christelle HATES Hannah Montana, but she said that she could relate to some of the songs- especially "You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home" and "The Climb".
Even if Christelle is in the US, she never forgets where she's from. One day, she'll "find her way back home" and return to Paris.
Life in the US for Christelle may be a climb, but she keeps on climbin'!



Avery V. said...

I haven't seen the movie. I'm not a fan of Hannah Montanna, but I don't hate her either. I like "The Climb" I heard it on a commercial!


Sophie said...

Awesome! J'adore Miley. Elle est très populaire dans l'Europe, non? Mais je ne regarde pas l'émission de "Hannah Montana"-j'aime écouter ses chansons! Je pense que "The Climb" est ma chanson preférée.