Tuesday, April 7, 2009



JE SUIS DE TRÈS BONNE HUMEUR AUJOURD'HUI!!!!!!!! (I am in a good mood today)

Vous demandez pourquoi. (You ask why)

Je réponde....parce que...(I respond because...)

le jeu de beurre de cacahouètes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (THE PEANUT BUTTER GAME!!!!!!!!)

C'est très stupide, mais c'est drôle. (It's stupid, but it's funny!)

OK...so here is the story (also known as "The Secret Life of Crazy Americans #4)...

There was one piece of chocolate cake left; Ava, Liz, and I wanted it. Well, Liz decides that we should settle this by playing the peanut butter game.
I have never heard of it before...it's actually quite stupid (but so entertaining). So, the main objective of the game is to eat as much peanut butter as you can without getting a drink. If you get a drink, you're out. If you don't have to get a drink, you win. Even if you're the last person to get a drink, you're still out because you took a drink.
Anyway, I never had peanut butter before...tu sais...since we don't have that poop (Honestly, it's the worst stuff I've ever tasted!) in France.
I HAD NO IDEA IT WAS GOING TO BE STICKY AND CLUMPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was the first one out!!!
Needless to say, NOBODY WON! Oh, and the heiresses split the piece of the yummy, double fudge chocolate cake (THAT I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WANTED!)!
I discovered that I HATE peanut butter and I NEVER WANT TO EAT IT AGAIN!

~Sabine Bouchard :)
(Oh, a surprise is coming later this week...keep checking my blog!)


Sophie said...

Ohhh, peanut butter is my favorite American delicacy! LOL, it is! ;)

You are missing out, Sabine Bouchard...

Wendy said...

Hehe, I like peanut butter. PB& jam is the best... or PB& honey!

It's supposed to be full of protein, so it's good for you. ;)