Friday, June 24, 2011

Too much togetherness!

Salut, tout le monde! Lilly sait. 
C'est tout. 
Our conversation went something like this:
Lilly: Why did you cross your name off the list?
Moi: What list? (Playing dumb is always a smart, good option.)
Lilly: Don't play dumb with me. You know.
Moi: No, I don't.
Lilly: You crossed your name out. Just admit it.
Moi: I think somebody really, really hates me and doesn't want me to be part of the team! Jealous girls these HAVE to love them!
Lilly: Nobody thinks you're potential competition. Just confess, please!
Moi: Fine. I did.
Lilly: But why? I wanted to be apart of something for once! I wanted my best friend to be apart of it, too!
Moi: I'm sorry, Lilly, but I know that I do not have the ability or desire to cheer.
Lilly: I get it. No, really, I do. I'm not mad or anything. I'm just disappointed. That's all.
Moi: Why don't you ask Jess? You're just as good of friends with her as you are with me!

Lilly then froze in her tracks. "Silly," she scoffed. "You know Jess already made the varsity soccer team. She doesn't do cheerleading. Whatever is going on between you two needs to stop. It's pathetic and ridiculous."

I sighed and headed for my room. I consider myself to be an introvert, and I very much enjoy my quality thinking time. Being around people sometimes overwhelms me, and it just overwhelmed me right now. Lilly is my only true friend in America, but she has been really bothering me lately. Maybe we just need some time apart? I probably was wrong for making sarcastic Jess remarks, but Jess is just the absolute most annoying person ever. She is my academic competition that I don't even want to compete with! After she realized that I was just as smart and well-traveled as she is, she decided to start competing with me when it came to school-related things. Oh, and the best part? She is a huge know-it-all. And she LOVES to brag about her accomplishments. She is gifted, yet before every test, she declares that because of soccer practice, she didn't have time to study and she'll probably fail. How annoying. She never gets anything but As! It's like she just wants attention...

The thing is, her twin (Zan or Alexandria...whatever you know her by) is smart, too, but she never brags. She does her own thing.

Oh, girl drama sometimes. It can be buckets of fun...



Kirsten L. said...

Sometimes time apart from a friend can be good for both.

That Jess doesn't sound good. Some of the fifth graders say that Jess here is a class clown-and I can see it. We live together and she is silly (though she doesn't admit it-just watch her show for proof, lol).

Is there another school activity you want to join. Cheering is fun (I cheer) but it's definitely not the only thing. Do you like working on the yearbook or theater?

The Green Girls said...

Hi Sabine, this is Felicity. :-)

It does sound like you and Lilly need some time apart. I don't think you should stop speaking to each other or even stop hanging out... I just think it can be better for two people not to always be in each other's company.

Cheerleading without you is probably going to be good for Lilly. Maybe you could develop one of your own interests into an activity you can do without her, too.

It's great that you girls are such good friends! I hope that never changes. I hope that both of you can cultivate some other friendships too, though. If anything, it'll make you two fonder of each other.


Miranda said...

Time apart from my best friend Hannah helped us, because three years later(...), it was like meeting all over again, but we know each other! Maybe you and Lilly should do someyhing like that... but with less of a break?


Wendy said...

I think some time apart might be good for you and Lilly. You'll appreciate each other more down the line. And I know girls like Jess... I don't know why some girls act like that. They seem to think it's attractive, but it really isn't.

Keesha said...

Hope the drama gets better! There is lots of drama at my house right now too. I don't blame you for not wanting to cheer. I play soccer too. Tell Jess I said hi!

Makennah said...

Hi Sabine! Maybe if Lilly's busy cheering you'll have time to find something else fun to do. Hope everything gets better!