Monday, June 20, 2011

A lack of team spirit

Salut, tout le monde! Est-ce que quelqu’un a fait quelque chose que vous n'avez pas aimé? Ce matin, j'ai voulu tuer Lilly...pas littéralement, bien sûr!

Lilly was in quite the hurry this morning. I passed her in the hallway, and I said my usual bonjour, and she said her usual "hey". As she ran, she shouted, "I signed you up!"
Instinctively, I asked, "For what?"
She brushed off my question and said, "Well, I have somewhere to be, but I just wanted to let you know that I signed you up!"
Again, FOR WHAT?!?!?! She couldn't at least tell me that much?!
I had no idea where she was off to, but I'm pretty sure I didn't want to find out, either, so I avoided asking. Besides, I'm sure she was going to harass Micki as usual.

After walking a few more inches, I saw it. Part of my soul died.
She signed me up for cheerleading tryouts. I am not the kind of girl who does cheerleading. For one thing, I don't even know the basics! I can't flip, tumble, or whatever the heck cheerleaders do! I'm not flexible, coordinated, nor do I have the desire to scream corny cheers at the top of my lungs. The outfits are awful, and ugh. It's just way too American for me. The "appropriate clothing" mentioned, which probably consists of short gym shorts and tank tops, doesn't fit my style. And sneakers. Mon dieu. I dislike those things with a passion. So not cute! The running laps part, though, was what particularly turned me off.

So, I did what every not-flexible, uncoordinated, not-cheerleader-material girl must do. I ran back to my room, grabbed a pen, and ran back to the sign-up sheet.
What on earth was Lilly thinking? To top this off, she has even less athletic ability than I do! I know that she wants to be apart of a school sports team, but she just isn't a gymnast. I'm not, either, so I'm not putting her down. I just happen to know my limits. She...well, doesn't...



Aurora said...

I can't really imagine being on a cheerleading team either. Some sports I could imagine, but you have to be so perky for cheerleading, right? meh.

Glad you caught it in time to fix that!

Miranda said...

I was REALLY upset when ALL the girls in sixth grade a while ahgo were ASKED to join the cheerleading squad! "It's really fun" They say. "You meet friends!" They say. "I would rather jump off a cliff than join those excessively perky people!" I say.

I don;'t know WHY anyone signs up for those things, anyway! I really don't care a sports, much less cheering them on...


The Green Girls said...

Hey, this is Kirsten. :-)

Wow, cheerleading! That's... something! ;-)

Most of the girls in our family have never been cheerleaders. Fiona did it for awhile before she lived here because it was free at her school and her foster family didn't want to pay for ballet lessons; she really wanted to dance and that was the closest thing. She says it was alright but she doesn't miss it.

It's not really something I understand. I get why people play sports. It's not my thing, but whatever, it doesn't have to be.

What I understand less is making your activity be so secondary to someone else's activity - especially since it's almost always girls cheering for boys rather than going both ways. It seems sort of sexist.

I know it takes effort, and people have told me it's a sport of its own. I guess that's fine for people who like it, but it's really not for me.

I totally get why it's not for you either.


Emily said...

I'm totally with you, Sabine! I never got the appeal of cheerleading and would never want to dress in those outfits and scream goofy songs. Kudos to you for crossing your name off! I hope Lilly knows what she is getting into and won't be upset that you have more sense!


Makennah said...

Hi Sabine. It really wasn't very funny for her to sign you up for something you didn't want to do. I kind of do like cheerleading. I hope your friend gets what she wants too!

Ava said...

Hola Sabine!

Oh wow! I can't believe Lilly did that.
Cheerleading is not my thing and something I wouldn't dare to do: I always end up having lots of accidents. Almost all sports are a potential danger to my physical integrity...I'm kinda clumsy. *giggles*
Love to be back,
Ava Lucia