Joyeux anniversaire, Julien!

Salut, tout le monde! C'est Sabine, et aujourd'hui, c'est l'anniversaire de mon meilleur ami, Julien. Il a maintenant 15 ans. 

I invited Julien to my house, and I told him to wait in my family's formal dining room while Aurélie and I brought out the gifts we got him. Aurélie wouldn't tell me what she got him, though I bragged about my gift to her. I was very pleased with what I had chosen, and I was sure Julien would like it.

"Les surprises de Julien sont arrivées!" Aurélie and I said in unison. Julien smiled; he look excited to tear open the bags. He should be. My gift was awesome. 

"Joyeux anniversaire!" We surrounded him. He told us that he was very happy to spend his day with two of his favorite girls. 

Like a young child would, I jumped up and down, telling him to open my gift first. What? Like I said, I chose a great gift. I have been waiting to see his reaction for weeks--no, months!--and I didn't want to wait.

However, he decided to open Aurélie's gift first. Whatever. By waiting to open mine, he is technically saving the best for last. After he opened Aurélie's gift, it was confirmed that he was saving the best for last. She gave him a sappy, sweet card (which I want to read yet don't want to read) stuffed with 25€. Seriously...?! Cash is the most impersonal thing you can give somebody for their birthday! Yeah, I sound like a hypocrite saying that because I'd rather have my mom give me money, but that's totally different. It's my mom who has different tastes than I do. Friends know what their friends like; they shouldn't resort to stuffing cash in a card.

Julien thanked Aurélie and gave her a hug that certainly did not look like a friendly hug. I averted my eyes. 

Because I can't deal with the possibility of Julien dating MY OTHER BEST FRIEND WHO KNOWS I LIKE HIM, I harassed him about opening my gift again. Way to act like an 8-year-old, Sabine, right? I didn't care because his reaction towards my gift would be priceless. 

He pulled the LOSC (Lille's football--or soccer, if you're American--team) t-shirt out of the bag.
"Merci, Sabine! C'est parfait!" He said with genuine enthusiasm. "Celui-ci, j'aime beaucoup!" 
I just want to point out that he didn't say that Aurélie's gift was perfect...not that I'm keeping score or anything. I just knew he is a huge fan of LOSC, so when I saw that shirt, I knew I had to get it for him!

Julien then gave me a hug, though I thought it was more friendly than the hug he gave Aurélie. 

A few minutes later, Julien began talking to Aurélie, and they left me out of the conversation. 

My anger towards this situation began to flare up again. I chose to look away, and I may or may not have smacked my head against the wall. To me, it's a big deal. Then again, I'm a teenage girl. Boy stuff is a big deal to me. My not-so-compassionate mom says that I have bigger issues to worry about, issues that involve family. However, I believe those are Sandrine's issues...not mine. So yes, my Julien issues are my number one problem. 

Sorry for rambling on about my problems, which are nonexistent compared to others' problems. I just have to get it out somewhere! 



Marta said...

Hello from Spain: beautiful outfits. These girls are very pretty. The photos are beautiful. Happy Anniversary. Keep in touch

Matilda Rosewood said...

Hi! I'm really sorry to hear about your problems- boy problems must be complicated (I wouldn't know... I'm only 10). I'm sure things will work out fine, though! I wish you the best!

N said...

Trust me, it's a waste of time to over-analyze Julien's actions. You'll just make yourself crazy, and it will hurt your friendship with him and with Aurélie. From what you've written about him previously, it sounds like he really likes you and maybe today he didn't want to make Aurélie feel bad about her gift. Hope things go well tomorrow!

Saoirse said...

Dia duit, Sabine!

Wish Julien a (late) happy birthday for me! It's too bad that he gave Aurélie all of the attention. I completely understand why you reacted the way you did! At least he loved your gift!

~ Saoirse