Saturday, August 21, 2010


So listen, peasants.
I had a blog before, but I never kept up with it! MON DIEU! TRÈS TRISTE! Basically, you missed me. Just admit it, because you know you did.
I'm also letting you know that I don't translate my French into English, like my sister. Why? Well, if you're reading this, I'm assuming you're of average intelligence and have the ability to use Google properly.
I decided that Sabine and I aren't sisters anymore. Tu me demandes, "quoi, Sandrine?" We never even were sisters to begin with. She has always been such a nerdy little loser. Anyway, I decided that Ophélie Duperron is my REAL sister!!!!
Ophélie and I have so much in common. We love dancing, we love fashion, and we love our hair. We are both redheads who adore the color pink and will wear pink until we die. If you are anti-redheads in pink, get off my blog!

Sabine is well-aware that Mia is my new sister, but she isn't, like, ecstatic or anything like that. She basically was all, "D'accord Sandrine...", which is her way of saying, "Cher dieu...Sandrine est folle!" Forget her. EW! Anyway, I seriously think that Sabine thinks I'm inferior to her. She's always looking down on me and stuff. Plus, she doesn't think I have the ability to do my homework myself. It's more like, why would I do it myself when I have people I can copy it from? PENSEZ.

Another thing I should bring to people's attention is Eleanora Kathleen O'Malley, a.k.a. Peasant Nellie. Now, I don't call everybody a peasant, but she really is!!!!!! She ran away from foster care or something and lived on the streets of FABULOUS New York City until Miss Perfect Samantha Parkington came along. I had to begin Spanish this year, because the school thought it was "unfair" if I took French!!!! THAT MADE ME MAD. Like, it's not unfair that I have an advantage or something! Zut alors! What is this world coming to?! So I'm stuck sitting by Nellie AND Sabine. Ugh! I'd rather be in prison. Oh wait...that's what school is.

Nicki and Vicki are seriously stupid and they think they are the second comings of Louis XIV. Correction- they believe Louis XIV never existed and that they were the Sun Queens or whatever. They need to get a life and realize that they are from Colorado and had nothing to do with the building of Versailles. Anyway, they think their French is great when it's terrible and makes me want to gag myself.

Now if you excuse me, I am going to go tan.


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