Monday, July 19, 2010

Deux défis...

Salut! The human was away for three weeks and I'm not special enough to know the password to her laptop, so my daily posting had to wait. BUT. I did get a new top. I'm wearing it now...more about it on Marisol's coming tomorrow.
My math teacher thought I needed a challenge (since I'm so advanced due to the French educational system), so she told me to "steal" (a.k.a. borrow without permission) Jess's trigonometry book.
For starters, if Jess saw me with it, she would have killed me. It's her prized possession.
Anyway, I don't see how anyone can like math or do it for fun, especially trig. I'll figure it out...when I get to high school! I'm beginning Algebra I next year, and I learned a few concepts back in France....
Really...I have no idea where to begin with this stuff! (Hyperbola is a dumb word!)
I decided to give up and go downstairs...
...but three familiar faces were coming up. Oui, Chrissa was unfortunately one of those...
They collapsed when they got to the top. I'm sure they weren't tired from the climbing. Elles sont des americaines! They did that for effect.
Ava then dragged us into a room, saying she can't talk about the escape plan in open space. Honestly, I totally forgot about the escape. I've been THAT busy! (Side note- Alyson didn't want to escape without her twin and cousin, so she's waiting. Patiently. Shocker.)
Their plan was to have two people hide in the laptop case, and then one will hide in a large tote.
Chrissa freaked out and started screaming. "WHAT ABOUT MOI?!?!?!? I DON'T WANT TO BE LEFT BEHIND! SABS!!!!"
I told her that we'd work something out. Hopefully, that something WILL be leaving her behind.
Here is a better photo of my shirt. It's from L'Atelier de Sitara. That's where Ava's shorts are from, too. I would definitely recommend buying something; the quality is great!
The plan is going into action on Wednesday...I'll keep everyone updated.


Sophie Amélie said...

Ah oui, les vêtements de "l'Atélier de Sitara" regardent très chic. J'aime ta nouvelle chemise!

Chrissa! Elle est bien et agréable, mais elle est trop collante - trop collante qu'elle semble ennuyeuse! I mean, she really does seem nice from afar, but I think that I, too, would get annoyed if Chrissa was *always* at my beck and call.


Emily said...

That math looks hard! Plus the size of the book makes it look even more daunting! Sabine, why isn't Chrissa wearing any undies? I hope she's not influencing your opinion that all American's do that! Haha


Miranda said...

I really like your blog!!! :)