Saturday, June 26, 2010

(Presque) Haute Couture

I interrupt the current chaotic situation to bring you....
...HAUTE COUTURE! This just so happens to be surprise #1 out of #2
Technically, I'm not sure if this counts as couture or not, but I got a new sweater. It involves the Frenchy want-to-be's future clothing line affectionately titled "AG à la mode Couture". She's not sure if she can make one exactly like this again; she was just hit with inspiration and now she forgets how she made it...
Here are some fun photos! I felt kind-of like a model during this photoshoot. About fifty pictures were taken, but you'll only get to see a few. (Keep in mind that I am not the modeling type AT ALL. Being photographed isn't my favorite thing...)
Let me know what you think.


Sophie Amélie said...

Très bien! That sweater is cute, and I like how you've paired it with the belt. Might look cute with that black flouncy skirt of yours, too.

I hope "someone" (as in you, Laura!) makes me a pair of black pants. Not to copy you or anything! I just like a good pair of black pants, and we seem to have every color of pants in the world except black. And if "someone" hasn't made me a pair by the time I get home, I'll have to sit down and make my own.


Charlotte said...

Bravo Sabine!
Tu es très belle :)

Avery V. said...

Tu es très bien comme ça. Très beau!

That is such a lovely outfit. You look wonderful, Sabine. (:

Juliette, Lucie et Claudette said...

Oh Sabine!! Très bien!! I am waiting (rather impatiently) to see the debut of the "AG à la mode Couture" line.

Maybe the line will be ready by the holidays? Juliette and I will keep checking back and " !not " nagging you. Sort of. Your style is so our style.


Lucie (et Juliette, bien sur!!).