Friday, June 18, 2010

"S" est pour Sabine!

Salut! Mon été va bien! Et tu? 
Je suis maintenant très paresseuse...comme une américaine! Aidez-moi, quelqu'un! 
Vraiment, je me suis amusée. La chaleur est vraiment grande. (Le temps d'été ici est bien mieux que le temps d'été à Lille.) J'aime promener avec mes amies et j'ai fait cela journalier. J'ai aller encore nager, mais je ne l'aime pas que beaucoup.My summer is going great! How's yours?
I am now very an American! Help me, someone!
Really, I am having fun. The heat is really great; the summer weather here is much better than the summer weather in Lille. I love walking with my friends and I do that every day. I have yet to go swimming, but I don't like that very much...
Well, with American summers comes silly American summer trends. This trend? Silly Bandz.
Personally, I think they are really stupid. They aren't fashionable AT ALL. I mean, what's so cool about wearing a shaped piece of plastic on your wrist? Nothing. My friends back in France have NEVER heard of these before. That is, until I told them and directed them to the "official Silly Bandz website".
Well, I outside the other night and I decided to have some fun with the letter bands:

I couldn't find a "C", but a "U" works just as well.
Ava, of course, had her own fun. Her word sums up her feelings about all things French:
What? Did you actually expect for Ava to write something endearing? 
This is just the beginning of summer; hopefully, I'll do something more exciting. I plan on going camping with a few of the girls. That could be fun, or that could be seriously dangerous. I'm leaning towards "dangerous" because that's how everything with the Americans seems to be...
Haha, I guess they like to live on the edge!



Michaela said...

THANK YOU FOR SAYING THAT STUFF ABOUT SILLYBANDS! They are really stupid. Finally, someone's on my side! :)

Sophie Amélie said...

SillyBandz? Quoi? I've never heard of them...until now.
Je crois que les choses SillyBandz sont une stupide idée. Tu peux faire les lettres avec Playdough, LOL!


Emily said...

I don't get SillyBandz either. Who wants to wear a rubber band on their wrist anyway? You should totally go camping. It's a blast but only if you're real outdoorsy. Otherwise you'll do what my sister Nellie does and just eat S'mores.