Thursday, June 24, 2010


Ce n'est pas la surprise; ne pensez pas cela! C'est horrible....c'est bizarre...c'est méchante!
This isn't the surprise; don't think that! It's's's evil!
This is the state I was in before Ava (who is normally evil) rescued me:
Pas chouette...not great. I already knew that the humans were painting the basement, but I didn't expect to be put in a box! I am so weak; I couldn't even lift the lid!
Then came Super Ava. She used her super American force to get out, of course. I heard her screaming profanity, but that's Ava for you...
I feel honored; I was the first person that Ava saved! It could have been because I was the first person she saw, though, but I am going to choose to think she was being respectful to the French. I was in such a state of shock (Is this the real Ava?) that I couldn't move! She screamed, "GET OUT, SABINE! I SAVED YOUR POOR LITTLE FRENCH REAR! NOW DO ME A FAVOR AND SCRAM!"

"Merci, Ava!" I thanked her for saving me, but she didn't look too pleased. "It's like a repeat of World War II! You are taking advantage of an American! I told you once- GET OUT, SABINE!" Woah, need to be rude. You did me a favor; I thanked you. I fail to see how I was "taking advantage of you"...silly Americans and their French stereotypes!
Once we were on solid ground, Ava began to talk to me. It was a civilized conversation, actually. She didn't bash the French, she didn't swear, and she didn't say anything rude. We questioned what had happened and both decided that we were confused as to what was going on. Really...I never imagined for something like this to happen; I just hoped everybody else was safe.
Well...she did make a confession. "Sabine, I have been keeping this inside of me for almost two years and I need to let it out; 'Sabine' is a really weird name." Funny for me to think she was going to remain civil...
"CAN SOMEBODY, LIKE, HELP ME?!?!?" We heard a startling scream in a familiar Valley Girl voice. Who was screaming? Was it Mia or Alyson?
Super Ava decided to climb and save the person because Valley Girl accents seriously annoy her more than French accents. (One day, I'm going to gather up all my courage and let her know how obnoxious her loud, Southern accent is to me...until then, I'll let her bash accents.) Another thing that confuses me is her climbing abilities; I knew Liz could climb like that, but Ava climbing? Nah...couldn't see it. Ava's skills (à mon avis- in my opinion) are sitting on her butt either a) racing go-karts or b) playing video games.
It was Alyson. Alyson ran down and gave Ava a huge hug. Ava, however, was opposed to this hug but didn't feel like pushing the heiress to the ground. Alyson went rambling on and on about how she is planning on suing PPBS and how she is going to immediately book a flight back to L.A. (Can I come, too?) on her private jet. She also complimented Ava's shirt but insisted that jean capris are ugly. She didn't even thank Ava! She is just completely selfish and is always thinking of herself and what money can do for her. At a time like this, I can't even think about purchasing Miley Cyrus's CD!
"Does my hair look nice? I'm worried that it looks horrible! OMG, I like hate bad hair days!" She whined. How typical Alyson...
We made our way out of the torture area and back into the main room. What is happening? We froze in our tracks; where was our stuff? What was going on? How come we weren't informed of anything?
This is when we made a life-altering decision- we were going to have to escape if we wanted to live. Ava wanted to return to get Liz while Alyson and I wanted to save Ashley and Lilly. However, Ava decided it would be best to escape in threes. She said she'd text Liz and inform her of the plan.

But where, oh where, are going to escape to?

I'll keep everybody updated on the situation. I know as little as you do about what is going on.



Avery V. said...

That's so strange of Ava to actually help you, and be somewhat nice! Alyson is such a diva, haha!
Good luck with the escape!

Sophie Amélie said...

Odd...could you maybe have a surprise waiting for you? Like a whole house perfectly sized for you girls? ;)


Miranda said...

OH MY GOSH! You have the ruched straped top from Liberty Jane clothes! Well, at least Ava does, because she's wearing it! I now envy you. :D