Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ava vs. Christelle

D'accord, je crois que c'était tout de la faute de les deux! Quand on mélange ensemble deux gens désagréables, le résultat n'est pas joli! Spécialement pour Ava et Christelle...
OK, I believe this was both of their faults. Anytime you mix two disagreeable people together, the result isn't pretty! Especially for Ava and Christelle...

À ce jour, tout le monde devrais connaître qu'Ava adore les biscuits. On ne connais pas probablement que la mère de Christelle a une boulangerie. Quand je visite Paris, j'y irai! De toute façon, Christelle a fais des biscuits et parce qu'elle connais Ava et elle connais qu'Ava les aime, Christelle l'en a offert. 
By now, everyone should know that Ava loves cookies. You probably don't know that Christelle's mother runs a bakery. When I visit Pairs, I will have to go there! Anyway, Christelle made cookies and because she knows Ava and knows that Ava loves them, she offered some to her. 
SURPRISE! Guess who replied with a rude comment? "Wait a do I know that there isn't arsenic in it?"
Christelle was, needless to say, outraged. "You stupid American! Why on Earth would you even think or ask that?"
To prove Ava wrong, Christelle took a bite of the cookie.
Defensive Ava had to make a scene again. "Listen, Frenchy, I am not a stupid American. If I were a stupid American, I would eat the darn cookie without asking if there was arsenic in it or not!" Christelle argued back, which was totally pointless, considering that you never win with Ava.
I will say, I think I know why they don't get along- they are TOO alike for their own good. For example, they are both very patriotic towards their home countries. They love the cities they are from and they both like to be right. 

On a different note, I think I may have led people to think that Ava hates me or I hate Ava. The truth is, we actually tolerate each other. She's not out to bite my head off (but she is in Sandrine's and Christelle's cases...) and I am not out to bite hers off. She does not really hate the French as much as you would think. In fact, she likes the French more than the British. You see, Liz's mother is from England and judging from the way Liz talks about her own mother, Liz isn't too fond of the British, either. It all started when Liz's mother told Liz that Ava was a "bad influence". I thought that was hilarious, since the worst things Ava does are complain, prank call, and ding-dong-ditch. Admittedly, I like Americans more than the British. There. I admitted it. I hope nobody takes offense, as unlike Ava, I am not out to hurt feelings. Ava is also prone to believe stereotypes. Do I need to tell of the time when she questioned me on hygiene? Mon dieu! I do, however, think Ava is completely obnoxious and rude and am not afraid to admit that.

Unlike Ava, Liz is cool. She's popular- and I'm not talking about American movie stereotypical "popular". I'm talking "everybody likes her" popular. She's so funny and upbeat. She lives to have fun! School does not stress her out and she always laughs at how school makes me worry. Oh Liz, if only you were familiar with the French educational basically scared me....
Her only downfall is that she is addicted to her iPhone. To the point that she uses it to cheat on Spanish quizzes....
D'accord...maybe she has another downfall- her clothes. I am not a fan of crazy colors and patterns.


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