Saturday, September 25, 2010


Salut! J'étais très occupée avec l'école et la vie.
L'école est l'école. Ava est Ava.  Et Chrissa? Elle est...Chrissa. Rien n'ai changée. 
Hi! I have been very busy with school and life.
School is school. Ava is Ava. And Chrissa? She's just being Chrissa. Nothing has changed.
Chrissa-ness anyone? Ava approached Christelle and me and told us that we had to look at Chrissa.
Ava then had the laughing attack of the century. That's normal for her, though. She has the strangest sense of humor; you don't know what she considers funny until she explodes. There is one exception- all rude jokes are funny in her eyes.
Chrissa was practicing her danceline routine by herself and singing the song quite loudly. GUESS WHO SINGS THE SONG? OUI. Miley Cyrus. This kind-of makes me want to join danceline, but when God was handing our coordination, I think he forgot about me.
Enough about that. I finally know what I want to do with my life and I owe it all to Ava. Yesterday in Spanish class, Ava was talking about her neighbors' divorce. Their daughter, Kayla Stark, brought a can of beans to school and during lunch, she asked the cooks if they had anything she could use to open her beans. OK, who brings a can of beans for lunch? Ava said that this girl wanted attention and sympathy. Ugh, don't you just hate people like that? Kayla was also trying to get Ava to give up her cookie. She should seriously know Ava by now; Ava gives up her cookies for NO ONE. To make a long story short, the girl moved to California with her father and her mother is all alone in a big house. The mother once told Kayla not to hang out with Ava because Ava had a "weird" life and is therefore a "bad influence". That's so stupid; just because your mother died does not mean you have a weird life. Ava isn't a bad influence. She's just honest Ava who isn't afraid to speak the truth or express her opinions. Sometimes, she's rude about it, but again, it's her personality.
Ava also told me a story about the family who lives down the street from her. The children do not know that they man they are calling "Dad" is not their real father.

I've always wanted to be an author of advice books for middle-school-aged girls, but now, I think I want to be a sociologist and study lifestyles and things of that sort. It's all too intriguing, especially since I don't consider my life to be interesting by any standards.

Enough of that, but here comes more indecisiveness. I do not know whether I should change my blog title or not. I'm getting a little sick of my current one. Une Fille Comme Moi means "A Girl Like Me" and it is also a song by French pop singer Priscilla. (If you haven't heard the song, please do. I can't find it on youtube, but you can listen to the preview on iTunes.) I'm considering changing my title to Une Enfant du Siècle (A Child of the Century), which is also the title of Alizee's newest CD.
Help please? What do you think?

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Sophie Amélie said...

Salut, Sabine!

I think studying to become a sociologist would be fascinating! Goodness knows, you certainly get to observe enough people while attending a boarding school, don't you? ;) That kind of thing interests Laura, too, which is why she is a Psychology major. She apparently loved her Social Psychology class quite a bit. Me, I think I'm still interested in something along the lines of forensic science, but who knows? That could change. I think the field of international studies would be interesting, too, and I could easily see myself as a foreign news correspondent or something similar.

Oh Priscilla, ses chansons sont bonnes! Je n'aime pas Priscilla comme j'aime Alizée, mais d'accord, je suis très obsédée avec Alizée.

I actually like "Un Fille Comme Moi" as your blog title, but hey, if you want to change it, I'll live. ;)