Sunday, October 31, 2010

Photography, Halloween, and Fans

Tip #001 for photography contests:
-If you are planning on entering a photo contest on AGPT or in real life and only want to include one of the Fleming twins in your photo, please take a few worthwhile seconds to think again. Include both. Why? CLICK HERE to find out.

I shouldn't have to explain anymore. I will say, however, that Nicki and Vicki are annoying me to an extreme. I have NEVER seen them fight before! I always thought they had the ideal relationship- the relationship I wish I had with my sister. Yeah, well, now, Vicki keeps saying that she is "more equaler" than Nicki and that she is clearly prettier and more photogenic.
Enough about them.

I decided to deviate from my French ways for just one night; I am joining Liz and Ava for trick-or-treating (or what they call "candy bagging") tonight. Oui. Vous avez entendu. I know I swore I would never celebrate this crazy nonsensical holiday, but I kind-of want to dress up. Pictures will be posted ASAP- probably later this week. For now, feel free to guess what I'm going to be.
After tonight, I'll pretend that this never happened...

As for my fan base and thanks to those who commented on my last post, I am starting to think my fan base is actually cool. Seriously, I never had a fan base or admirers when I was in France. I was just Sabine, the brilliant good girl who got the best grades in all her classes. But, I come to America, and people think I am amazing. This is seriously ego-boosting.
This is a rhetorical question, bien sûr, but if you feel like answering it/telling me, go right ahead. What makes me, Sabine Bouchard, so fascinating?



Sophie Amélie said...

...well, one reason why you are so fascinating is because you don't take crap from Nicki and Vicki!

LOL, is Vicki really trying to sell her photo? I mean, it's a cute photo and all, but I hope no one falls for her silly money-making scheme!

Have fun celebrating Halloween! I've dressed up once or twice, but I still don't totally get the American holiday. Nathalie, however, loves it. I usually get coerced into participating, whether I want to or not.


Sitara said...

Maybe it's because you're French so you have a different take on everything? ...or because you're so fashionable? ^_^ I really love your outfits, they're so elegant and European!

Sitara doesn't do trick or treating (we think she's afraid that her friends will force her to dress as Princess Leia) but I will be going out soon with Sonali and Gwen!

Bon Halloween! Soyez prudent! (oh mon dieu je crois que je parle comme une mere xD)

Sammie said...

Hmmm... this is a random guess, but Hannah Montana?