Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Can't Be Tamed

Qui savait que s'habiller comme Miley Cyrus était si controversée?
I sure didn't.
 I decided to join the Americans in their quest for collecting the most candy, and let me tell you, it was very eventful.
To begin the night, we were stopped by a strange-looking older woman in a white electrician's van- or what Liz and Ava like to call a "creeper van". She told us this: "I lost my dog and I need some help finding him. He is white with brown spots. If you see him, drop him off at my house; I live right over there. If you just yell 'Buddy, come home', he'll come home."
So. Not. Normal. Can you make it even more obvious that you are a potential kidnapper? I was a little perturbed about the whole thing, but immature Ava and Liz were making light of it. They kept incessantly shouting, "BUDDY, COME HOME!!!!" at the top of their lungs. Yeah. I wanted to hurt them.

Thankfully, my attention was turned away from the missing (or probably not missing) dog because a mother with young children decided to critique my costume. SHE THOUGHT I WAS A BIKER CHICK. Come on...you have young kids! Do you really not know who Miley Cyrus is?
Well, I did tell her that I was actually dressed up as my role model Miley Cyrus, and she started ranting- telling me how a girl of my age shouldn't be dressed that indecent and how she will never buy a Miley Cyrus CD for her kids because Miley Cyrus is a "bad influence and utterly inappropriate".
I'm going to sound like Chirstelle for a second and bluntly say, YOU STUPID AMERICAN. Mon dieu, it's Halloween for goodness sakes! Isn't Halloween about dressing up as something you're not and having fun? I certainly thought it was, and Ava and Liz made it seem that way, too!
Sometimes, I think Americans are too uptight and they get all crazy over nothing. They are also huge moral-pushers, and because I am French and was raised in a less-modest environment, they think I am totally unethical. For example, Ava was talking about drinking once, and I casually mentioned that I had a glass of wine before.
That was enough to seriously annoy Ava. She began to lecture me on underage drinking and how wrong my family was, etc. OK. She was kind-of  being a hypocrite. Like, she's going to try to instill her morals in me, but she swears ALL THE TIME. (I mean, if I swear, I at least do it in French so the Americans won't be able to understand me...)
Anyway, I think the reason the French aren't so high-strung about drinking and other things is because we accept it as a way of life and don't make it seem so...blasphemous...? (I'm not sure what word to use...)
I think I vented enough.

But to end this, did that lady seriously think I dressed like that everyday?
Je connais la mode. Évidement. Next year, I think I'll have to be a 2007-2008 Miley for Halloween. Really, I had no idea that Miley was so "offensive", if you want to use that word.

P.S. Joyeuse Toussaint...for those who celebrate it. :)


Emily said...

I hope your Halloween wasn't ruined too much. I totally cracked up about the lady and her dog. Could she have been any more obvious? Your Halloween costume was adorable, you pulled it off very well.


Claire said...

I personally liked your Miley costume. It's not something I would wear for Halloween, but you pulled it off very well. As for the lady who said you were dressing indecently, I see where she was coming from, but she didn't need to judge your idol like that.


Juliette, Lucie et Claudette said...

Your Miley costume was perfect, Sabine! But I had to laugh at the oh-so-obvious kidnapper van and the line about the dog. How stupid did she think you were? She's the dumb one for trying it on Halloween night. As if kids and parents wouldn't be on high alert anyway?

You look stylish and adorable as usual.

Lucie et Juliette

Miranda said...

You see, I'm OK with foreign kids doing "underage drinking" as Ava calls it, because it's a way of life where they are from. But in America, it's not a way of life, so I think THAT is wrong. What you did is okay. :D


AG CRAZY said...

You should tell Ava that I am under 18 and have drunk champange and a sip of wine.(they were both DISGUSTING by the way)