Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Q&A with Sabine and Sandrine

Salut, tout le monde! 
 Are you curious about my relationship with Sandrine? Today, we're doing a special post featuring both of us. We'll be answering some commonly asked questions in this "interview". My responses are in blue, my favorite color, while Sandrine's are in purple- her favorite color. If you have any other questions you'd like to ask, leave them in the comments, and we'll answer them ASAP.

 We had fun answering these questions, and I hope you actually learn a thing or two about us. We're exciting, I like to believe. Fine. I'm more exciting than Sabine. ;) Enjoy the pretty photos from our most recent "photoshoot", too.
Are you guys seriously identical twins? You don't look alike.
We are identical twins who clearly inherited an identical problem- bad eyesight. I just happen to wear glasses. Sandrine's eyes are actually brown; she just wears green colored contacts. I think she likes the attention she gets from them.
Ta gueule, Sabine! It is NOT an attention thing! I wear green contacts because it's always fun to shake it up and try something different. I'll be getting rid of them soon, if it makes you happy.
Je serai très heureuse, Sandrine. I guess we should address our hair, too?
I don't want bangs. Besides, I'm a dancer and don't want to have to deal with them.
I wanted my hairstyle to resemble Miley's Hannah wig.
Tu es folle, Sabine!
Je sais, je sais!

 What's it like being twins?
People always expect something special out of us, which I don't understand. Yeah, we're twins with identical DNA and all, but we are also our own people.
We do not have that telepathic communication. Nor do we switch places.
I think that's a myth about twins. I don't believe it for a second.
I also think people get confused because they expect us to by identical as in have the same hairstyle and everything. It's people don't want us to be our own people. I don't think some people can see past the twin thing.
Personally, I think having a twin is the same as it would be having a sister who isn't much older or younger than you. It's just cool to have the same DNA as another person and declare, "nous sommes jumelles!"

What is your relationship like ?
We definitely weren't "automatic best friends".
I think it's because we both have strong personalities and want things our own way.
That, and I sometimes have a hard time relating to other people's feelings. I don't always understand where Sabine is coming from.
We fight more than we get along, and while it seems like we fight for silly reasons, there is a huge reason behind every tiny argument.
Yet, when we do get along, it's because of that strong bond we get over hating the same person.
Don't say that! I love Mère; I just don't always like her.
Eh, well, I hate Fabienne. Say whatever you want, but the fact she's our mom doesn't make me like her.
Fabienne is our mom's name. Sandrine calls her by her first name because she has no respect for her.
You earn respect, and Fabienne hasn't earned mine.

 Do you have any other siblings?
We have a brother named Sébastien. He's four years older than us, and he refuses to speak to me. It's his payback for me almost tearing the family apart. If he doesn't like me, whatever. His loss.
I get along great with Sébastien! He always takes me to cool places. In that respect, having an older sibling is nice. I do understand where Sébastien is coming from, Sandrine. Just a thought.
He needs to get over it, though. It's not like I didn't seek professional help or anything. He knows that I spent a lot of time with Dr. L.
Je comprends, mais...

 Do you ever feel that your parents favor the other twin?
With our mom? No. Père doesn't play favorites, either. He gives all of us the same amount of attention.
Yeah, asking if Fabienne plays favorites is a joke. She doesn't have a favorite twin. We don't conform to her; that's why. If anybody is her favorite, it's Sébastien. He's just too good. She doesn't critique Sébastien. It's probably the oldest child curse.
Mère is always critiquing us, but you'll hear about that when we answer the the next question.

 What do you get in trouble for?
Everything and anything! Mère doesn't like that I'm clumsy and bump/fall into things. She HATED it when I would fall off my bike and scuff my new shoes and tear my clothes. She also gets angry with me when I'm "defiant" or get testy with her.
Ma pauvre Sabine! Ta vie est très difficile! I mostly get in trouble for my grades and being defiant. I hate school, and I don't care about it. I'm going to dance for the Ballet de l'Opèra National de Paris. I don't need stupid school.
The only thing Mère does compliment me for is my good grades! Still, she whined about other things and used to always ask, "Sabine, have you practiced your flute today? You aren't going to get anywhere with it unless you practice."
I thought it was hilarious when she got mad at you after your piano instructor said you were hopeless when it came to playing music.
I thought it was funny, too.

 How are you different? How are you alike?
Sabine is a clumsy, uncoordinated geek and I am not.
Merci, Sandrine. Though, seriously, I am uncoordinated! We have different interests. For example, I love the social sciences, traveling, and Miley Cyrus while Sandrine likes dance, hair, and fashion. Personality-wise, I'm the nicer one. ;)
I just can't relate to others! We've been over that! I will say that our common interest is shopping. We both loving getting new clothes! It's an obsession!
Our styles are similar, yet different. I prefer to wear pretty tops/blouses with nice pants or jeans while Sandrine likes to wear skirts. Sandrine also dresses more sparkly and likes color. We share clothes with no problem, by the way. It's sad that's how we get along.
Sabine is more likely to wear heels. She LOVES her heels and flats! I prefer boots just because I like to keep my feet covered up. Dancers do not have pleasant feet, let me tell you. Pointe shoes tear up my feet enough; I don't need heels to do that to me, too. I also like flats, I guess.
I do love my heels. I like wearing dresses and skirts sometimes- not all the time. I love finding the perfect dress for those special occasions.

C'est tout! J'espère que vous l'aimez!

Oui, c'était inté déteste quelquefois ma jumelle.

Sabine et Sandrine


Emily said...


I'm glad to know more about you and your family. It sounds like your mom was pretty strict. I think it's silly that people would think you guys should have identical hairstyles because your twins! You both should be able to be your own person.


The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

It is neat that you are answering questions asked, my triplet sister and I are not best of friends either, but just because we like so many different things we just do not pal around together. But we love each other much, our brother Logan and Lynsy get along great, they are better friends and companions than Lynsy and I.

I find that my identical cousin Marie and I are so much alike, we are more like sisters.

So, what do you do together? Is there anything you have fun doing together as sisters or friends??


The Greens and The Roses said...

Very interesting post! We enjoyed reading about what it's like to be twins, your different personalities and interests, and your family.

Here's our question: Is there anyone in your extended family that either of you are particularly close with? Do you get to see other relatives very much? Or do you mostly spend your family time with just your immediate family?


Miranda said...

Wow! My twin Willow and I can TOTALLY relate to this! People don't really seem to get that we're twins, but we do share a few common traits sometimes...

It's really easy to tell us apart, because I have curly blonde hair, and Willow has curly red hair and wears glasses. Even though she always goes out of her way to ridicule my best friend Lily and I, she's really just doing that because she's shy and doesn't really know how to communicate very well.

Even though people thinking twins should act identical just because it looks cool is annoying sometimes, I wouldn't trade having a twin sister for the world! n_n


Tilde Smiles said...

I love your top; Sabine!