Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mes films préférés!

Salut, tout le monde! 
A few of my blog friends are sharing their top three favorite movies, and although I wasn't tagged yet, I am still aching to share my favorites with you guys.
I have many favorite movies, and having to choose only three is difficult, so I went with the ones I have watched the most. If you haven't seem them before, I recommend them! I wouldn't be sharing them with you guys if I didn't.

1. Bienvenue Chez Les Ch’tis (2008)
"Un étranger qui vient dans le Nord pleure deux fois- quand il arrive et quand il part."
If you haven’t seen a French film before, or if you ever need any recommendations, definitely put this one first on your list! This movie might not be as well-known in the States, but it certainly is in France. In fact, this is the movie that broke the box office records!
This movie (a comedy) tells the story of Philippe Abrams (played by Kad Merad) who, at the beginning of the movie, is the manager of the postal service in the Provence-Alps-Côte-d’Azure region of France. He yearns to get a job closer to the sea for his wife, Julie (Zoé Félix)…and he will do anything to try to get it- even pretend to be handicapped! However, he is soon discovered at relocated to Bergues, a small town in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region. He is pessimistic at first- especially because he is worried about the stereotypes the region gets (it’s freezing all the time, the people are uneducated, etc.). Through work, he meets Antoine (Dany Boon) who helps him to change his perspective on the North, and Philippe even helps Antoine win over the girl of his dreams. When Philippe’s time in the Nord is up, he realizes that the old Ch’ti saying (“Un étranger qui vient dans le Nord pleure deux fois- quand il arrive et quand il part.”) is true.
Obviously, being a Ch’ti myself, I love this movie to death! I had to make it the title of my blog because this is a blog written by three Ch’tis. I also love how the movie tries to showcase regional differences in France (yes, they are there) and put an end to Nord stereotypes. Of course, the Ch’ti accent was over-exaggerated for the film, but my friends and I do have a similar accent. I LOVED how they included Ch’ti slang words, too. It was nice to see a movie take place in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais, and I think anybody would enjoy learning more about my region.

2. Rien à Déclarer (2010)

 This is another movie that takes place in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais, and it also happens to be another comedy and star Dany Boon. This one is just as good as Bienvenue Chez Les Ch’tis, and it‘s another one I‘d definitely recommend.
This film takes place in small border towns in France and Belgium. The year is 1993, and things are changing in Europe as the European Union begins to further take shape. This movie tells the story of two customs agents: Ruben Vandevoorde (Benoît Poelvoorde) on the Belgian side and Mathias Ducatel (Dany Boon) on the French side. Their respective custom stations are preparing for the change that the EU may bring, so a Franco-Belgian mobile customs unit was created. Ruben, who has a major hatred towards the French, isn’t too fond of the idea. Mathias volunteers for the squad after he finds out who the Belge (Ruben) is. Mathias only signed up for it so he could win Ruben over because he planned on marrying Ruban’s sister. I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s hilarious.
There are many, many French and Belgian jokes, but you really have to understand the relationship between France and Belgium to get those. Micki, although she’s an American, lived in Belgium for ten years, and we like to make jokes to each other all the time.

3. The Last Song (2010)
 This is, of course, one of my favorite movies because Miley Cyrus is my favorite actress/singer ever! Clearly, that isn’t the only reason as that would be quite silly. This is an all-around great movie, too. Unlike my other favorites, this one is a drama.
Miley plays a young, struggling teenage girl named Veronica/Ronnie. Ronnie and her younger brother are sent to stay with their father in a small beach town for the summer. Ronnie is an accomplished and talented pianist (She reminds me of my friend Melanie!), but after her parents’ divorce, she stopped playing. Her father tries to reconnect with her through music, but it proves to be a struggle. She won’t give him the time of day.
While with her father, Ronnie meets a young man named Will (played by the oh-so-adorable Liam Hemsworth) whose friendship finally inspires her to make music again.
Ronnie soon finds out that her father is terminally ill, and she helps to complete his song…his last song.
This movie is such a tearjerker, but I love it. It’s not just about love and romance. It’s about family, first heartbreaks, and how we have to power through them. This movie really made me respect my dad more. I know I’d be miserable if something ever happened to him.

What are your favorite movies? Have you seen any of my favorites?


The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

I wish we had a good movie place here, we would love to check out these movies and see what we think ..

Thanks for sharing and sorry we did not choose you we did not think you liked tags.


Samantha Parkington said...

I love the Last Song so much!! I really love how it is not just one of those silly love movies; it is also about Ronnie and her dad struggling to reconnect.