Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Q&A Round 2!

Salut, tout le monde!!! Here is the second part to our Q&A! These questions were asked by our readers.

If you have more questions, just ask! Keep them coming!

What do you do together? Is there anything you have fun doing together as sisters or friends?
We shop together.
Yeah, we do! We are seemingly best friends and have the perfect sisterly relationship when we shop.
We loved it when Mère gave us each 100€ to buy new school clothes. That was great.
We gave each other advice on what to buy. We have our own styles, but like I said, we share clothes, too. We try not to get the same things. 

Is there anyone in your extended family that either of you are particularly close with? Do you get to see your other relatives very much? Or do you mostly spend your family time with just your immediate family?
We spend a lot of time with our extended family, particularly our mom's side. We meet them in Nice for summer vacation. It's unfortunate, actually.
Mère has two sisters- Françoise and Félicie. Françoise is the oldest one, and she has two adult daughters who are very lazy. Mère doesn't think too highly of them or her oldest sister's parenting. Félicie is the youngest one, and she has three children. Samuel is the youngest, and he's now five. He likes to pull hair...ouch! Chloé is our age, and she's a spoiled brat who believes she knows everything. Alexandrine is 8, and she has a stomach condition that doesn't allow her to eat certain foods.
In other words, Alexandrine vomits a lot.
You didn't need to share, Sandrine. Our dad has a brother, but we don't see his family too much. They are always busy. We have two cousins from that side of the family. One is our age, and the other is two years younger. They are pretty cool, but aside from them being busy, Mère doesn't like them.
Leave it to Fabienne to hate her in-laws.
They definitely aren't her type.
Also, none of our family lives in Lille with the exception of our grandparents on our dad's side. Fabienne and her family are from the Picardie region. Félicie, her family, and our grandparents live there. Françoise and her family relocated to Bordeaux. 

Sabine et Sandrine


Madeline said...

Hi! I have some questions! :o)
~I heard Sandrine doesn't get on well with your brother? Why? What happened?
~What are your personalities?

The Greens and The Roses said...

Hi girls,

Thanks for telling us more about yourself, especially for answering the question we asked about your extended family.

It's always fascinating to get to know you better!