Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sept Choses (7 Things)

I LISTEN TO TOO MUCH MILEY CYRUS FOR MY OWN GOOD. AIDEZ-MOI! here is my list of 7 things I hate about myself and 7 things I LOVE about myself-

I Hate:
1. Getting in trouble for EVERY LITTLE THING (including nothing)
2. Having an evil twin sister who hates me
3. Forgetting to update my blog daily (Desolee...)
4. When people assume because I'm from France, I'm from Paris (LILLE IS A CITY, TOO)
5. Having a strict mother
6. The US educational system
7. Being made fun of by rude Americans (I'm a strong person...I can take it, it just annoys me)

I Love:
1. Having beautiful red hair
2. Being confident
3. My sense of humor
4. Being a twin (it makes me feel unique, lol)
5. Being able to record my deepest, most innerpersonal feelings in this blog
6. My ability to make everything fun
7. How I'm always ME!

Feel free to do a similar thing on your's actually a lot of fun to think up this stuff.

~Sabine :)


Haley said...

Come on, Sabine! Not ALL Americans are as you describe. ;-)


Wendy said...

Hehe, I have to agree with Haley! I would never make fun. =) Anyways, cool lists!

Sophie said...

HEY! Paris est chouette! J'habite dans l'arrondissement Montmartre, et c'est bonne. Paris n'est pas mal...