Thursday, February 12, 2009


Last night, we experienced some HORRIFIC wind storms...with winds of 80 mph! C'etait fou!
We lost all of our electricity at 8 last night. Some siding came off the house. A neighbor's trampoline hit another neighbor's house. Our trampoline flipped over.
Anyway, we don't have any heat, so living in the basement is officially the worst. I hid in my room:

Liz is scared, so she gave me a hug, thinking I was Ava. An Elizabeth quote- "AVA! HUG! I'M SCARED! IT'S DARK...AND SOOOOOOOOO COLD!"

Le sous-sol a tres frois! J'ai frois aussi.

~A cold Sabine


Wendy said...

Oh, that is scary! I hate really windy nights.

Sophie said...

It's not been as bad here, but we've gotten some wind recently. I actually don't like the rapid temperature changes...from hot to cold and back again. I don't even know what vetements to wear anymore, lol.

Haley said...

I don't like wind very much either. When you're outside your hair blows all over and your clothes get messed up.