Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sept Choses

Bonsoir. Comment allez-vous, tout le monde? 
I never got to do my "seven random facts" post, and since I'm on the private side, I think that this might help you to get to know me better. Here it goes:

1. My parents are divorced, and they have been since I was six years old. The reason for the divorce was my dad's fault, but to be honest, I'm glad that my parents are separated. Even though I was young while they were married, I knew my dad was nothing but trouble. He didn't treat my mom, sister, or me very nicely, and he always caused an argument over his late returns home from work. Ha, he wasn't at work, and it took one of my mom's friends to figure that out.

2. My favorite school subject is Spanish. I am completely enamored by the Spanish language and culture, and one of my dreams is to visit various regions and cities in Spain someday. I am particularly drawn to the southern autonomous communities.

3. I like to read Catalan for fun. Catalan is a romance language that is spoken in various Spanish autonomous communities (namely Cataluña), and it is also the only official language (as well as the national language) of the principality of Andorra. It's easy to read because it is so similar to Spanish and French. I probably couldn't speak it or understand it verbally unless I had further practice.

4. I love football- what you know as soccer. It is my favorite sport to play at watch. I have been playing for community club teams since I was very young. I always cheer for LOSC, Lille's team, as well as France's national team. I'm also a big fan of some of the players on Spain's team as well. I don't plan to go professional, but it's a good way to have fun.

5. My best friend is Sabine, hands-down. There is no competition with this one. Although she can be a little exasperating at times, she is the best friend I'll ever have. She listens, lets me talk, and tries to give me advice. She has an answer for everything, and sometimes her advice has lead me down some rocky paths, but everything turned out better than it would have if I had just stayed quiet. Sabine has encouraged me to do so much- take a stand against my father, continue with football when I felt I didn't have the time, and much more. She stood up for me when some guys were picking on me, and I did the same when she was in the middle of a sticky situation. Not only do I share everything with her, she shares everything with me. I have grown to have a crush on her, but not because of her appearance alone (though I'll say she's attractive). She is genuinely one of the best people I know.

6. I'm close with my sister, who is two years younger than me. Most guys my age would think that was weird, but it's been my life. My dad left when she was only four, and I was the only male role model in her life for the longest of times. We have done most everything together, and when money was tight, I gave up getting new things for school so she could have more.

7. I hate liars, backstabbers, manipulators, traitors, and things along those lines. If you are going to lie to me or be kind to my face but destroy me behind my back, don't even talk to me. I consider these types of people to be lower than low. I have experienced too many people like this in my life to want to deal with them some more, though I know I'll unfortunately have to.


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