Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Joyeux anniversaire à nous!

Bonjour, tous ceux qui lisent ce blog! C'est Sandrine! 
Et, moi, Sabine! Aujourd'hui, c'est notre anniversaire, et nous avons 15 ans!

We dressed up in our favorite dresses. I have to say, I am in love with my dress. I love finding the perfect occasions for it. Since we don't really do birthday parties anymore (though I may have a friend spend the night), we go out to dinner with our family. I'm sad that our brother won't be home from college to celebrate with us. I understand he's busy, but I'm a little disappointed. 

We woke up on the morning of our birthday to find our gifts under my purple Christmas tree. Since our birthday is obviously so close to Christmas and since we'll be in the States over Christmas, our parents decided to give us both our birthday and Christmas presents on the same day!

Our stack of presents is absolutely beautiful! OK, I love spending time with my family, but presents are just as great. 

Let the unwrapping begin!

First, we began by opening our cards because cards are always the most boring part. I want to get straight to the good stuff!
I like when you shake cards and money comes out. However, since these are cards from our parents, they don't have money in them. They are instead full of lame, sappy comments. 

Sandrine and Mère didn't write sentimental comments in my card! Mère basically told me that she was proud of me for doing so well in school. That was it. Sandrine wrote a list of joke! She told me that I text too much, leave hair in the brush (that could be her hair- our hair is the same color!), sing too loudly before bedtime, and talk way too much. This is all stuff that she tells me on a daily basis. Our brother at least left thoughtful remarks. I sometimes seriously consider him to be my best friend. He helps me so much, and he is a great role model. 

Ugh, Mère called me her little "Snowflake Princess". Doesn't she realize that my role as the Dewdrop is more important than being in the corps de ballet of Waltz of the Snowflakes? She could have even acknowledged that I was Snow Queen for two shows! Shows how much she knows about the ballet world. She also told me to try harder in school. School is easy; I'm just lazy. Our brother wrote a standard "joyeux anniversaire" and signed his name. Typical Sébastien. He probably wrote something thoughtful in Sabine's card. Sabine also told me that it was unfortunate that I was her twin sister. She wrote that she was kidding, but I have my doubts. 

We then opened our presents from our grand-mère on our mom's side of the family. Mémé always knows what to get us! She is an amazing shopper, and she listens quite well to any wishlists we may give her.
Mémé is a decent enough gift buyer. Sometimes she gets you what you want. Other times, she picks out totally random crap that nobody in their right mind would like. 

I received the pair of black kitten heels that I have been wanting for the longest time! I am so happy to finally have them! I also got a dressy watch, which I absolutely love, and a pretty necklace with a star because I love stars and wish that I was a star...pop star like Miley Cyrus, that is. ;)

Mémé got me pink heels, a pretty gold hair bow, and a necklace with an Eiffel Tower charm on it. The only thing I am thrilled about is the hair bow because I love fun hair accessories. She said that she bought me the necklace because she knows I want to dance for l'Opéra National de Paris someday. Really, why couldn't get me a ballerina charm instead? Oh, well. It's cute. I don't even know what to think of the pink shoes. They look like something Alyson would wear. Since she's an heiress, you can decide if that's good or bad. I am not a fan of Alyson...nope, not at all. I only have one dress that they go with, anyway. Mémé thinks I like Alyson, which is probably why she bought them for me.

Time to open the gifts from our family! I wondered if Mère would get me what I wanted...
I wondered if Sébastien actually bought me a gift this year...

Mère and Père got me the black jacket than I have been wanting since I saw it on display at Galeries Lafayette! It was a little pricey, so I didn't think they'd actually get it for me! I cannot wait to wear it. That is my favorite gift by default!
My parents got me the blazer that I wanted. I think it will be so much fun to pair with girlier things; I absolutely love that look. My gold bow will make the perfect hair accessory! I also received the cutest nutcracker! I cannot wait to display it in my room alongside all of my other dance-related things. I'm certain that Père picked it out because he fully supports my dancing...unlike my mom. He knows how much my role as the Dewdrop means to me.

Finally, we opened our gifts from Sébastien. He mailed them last week, but his packages didn't come in the mail until yesterday! He got me two great mix-and-matchable pieces: a plain black tee and tan/green cords. I'm definitely very pleased with my brother's selection. I didn't know that he could pick out clothes, but then again, these things were pretty simple. 

It is the sweetest thing. Sébastien bought me decent gifts!!! He bought me the prettiest gold purse. Again, this goes great with my bow and jacket. I'm really loving the gold. He also bought me the prettiest ballerina necklace. Sébastien usually falls asleep during my performances. Sometimes it's hard to think that he knows that I even dance. Merci, Bastien!

Close-up of my new necklace:

So, another birthday has come and gone. It is so weird to think that we are now fifteen. Fifteen-year-olds in America are getting their learner's permits and learning how to drive. Lilly turns fifteen in February, and she told me she is skipping school to take her permit test. I feel way too young to learn to drive. In France, we can't even get our licenses until we are 18! 
I have to admit, I received some great presents this year. I want to especially thank my brother whom I swear forgets that I exist. As for turning 15? Eh, it's nothing special. I wish that I could get my permit, though, like all of my American friends. Having that freedom would be terrific...

When is your birthday? What was your favorite gift that you received?

Sabine et Sandrine


sophiaandemma said...

Happy Birthday to both of you:) or should we say Joyeux Anniversaire:) Our birthday is coming up really soon in the beginning of january:) So we'll let you know afterwards:)We're turning 14 by the way.
sophia and emma

Lucie et Juliette said...

Joyeux anniversaire, Sabine et Sandrine! Bonne journée!



Bolton Girls said...

Happy Birthday to both of you, I think my favorite was this birthday because I was in Bermuda for our cruise, that made it special this year. Hugs, Taryn

Saoirse said...

Happy Birthday Sandrine and Sabine!

It looks like you both had a really great birthday! I especially love Sabine's black kitten heels and Sandrine's ballerina necklace! That was very nice of your brother. (:

~ Saoirse