Trois films

Salut- c'est Julien.
I never got to share three of my favorite movies with you, but I will now, if you're interested.

1. Jeux d'enfants (2003)
This movie tells the story of Julien Janvier and Sophie Knowalsky. Sophie recently moved to Belgium, and she was being bullied by some other children on her way to school. Julien noticed that she was upset, so he offered her a tin box (which was a gift from his mother). Julien, however, told her that he'd like to have it back every once in awhile. Sophie wanted him to prove to her how important it was to him, and that is how the game of dares began. Whoever had the box at a given time was supposed to complete a dare. The two continued this game well into adulthood, and even though Sophie and Julien are clearly in love, they don't realize they were meant for each other until the end of the film. In the interim, both get married.
Sophie was a better match for Julien, yes, but I think I am a bit biased when I say that Julien should have stayed with the woman whom he married because her last name was Bouchard. I wonder why I think that? ;) Anyway, this movie reminds me of all the silly things that Sabine and I used to do as children, so it brings back memories every time I watch it.

2. Entre les murs (2008)
Inspired by a true story, François Marin is a French teacher who teaches at a diverse in Paris. He deals with frequent fights and outbursts on a daily basis, plus his students simply do not want to do their work. Marin tries his hardest to encourage his students to use their talents to do good, and he helps them with this in many ways. He learns more about them when he instructs them to write self-portraits. All in all, Marin learns that he can only do so much and this his students have to do the rest.
I like this movie because I plan on being a teacher someday, and it has inspired me to want to dramatically impact the lives of my future students in positive ways.

3. Les Tuche (2010)
Unemployment runs in the Tuche family, so when Jeff Tuche gets fired from his job, he celebrates endlessly. Then, during dinner, the family discovers that they won 100,000,000€, and they head to Monaco. Along the way, they have many mishaps as they try to fit into the luxurious lifestyle. At the end, they learn a thing or two about being yourself.
I like this movie because it isn't too serious- it's just a lot of fun. I thought the family's obsession with potatoes and fries was entertaining, and I also thought each of the children were very unique. I was happy when the youngest child, Donald, decided to be himself and stop pretending to be "stupid" to please his family. He excelled at an exclusive school. Considering his family's history, that took courage.


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