Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mon sapin de Noël violet

Salut, tous ceux qui lisent ce blog! C'est Sandrine, et j'ai acheté un sapin de noël violet. Pourquoi? Les sapins d'autres couleurs n'est pas jolies! Le violet est la meilleure couleur, je trouve. 

Let's sum all of that up in English: I bought a purple Christmas tree because normal green Christmas trees are lame. Why have a green one when you can have one in a fun color? Green trees are for living rooms, plus they are so trite. Colored trees are more suitable for bedrooms. I could have chosen a pink or silver one, but pink and silver are lame colors, too. Purple is my favorite color, and it is clearly the best color. That is how I ended up with my purple tree.

Oh, it's totally MY purple Christmas tree, too. I bought it with my own money, and Sabine has no interested in helping to decorate it, either. It's not like I care, seeing as she wouldn't do it in a neat way. I had this all planned out. To begin, I stretched out the branches.

It fell on top of me! My stupid-yet-beautiful-and-unique tree fell on top of me! It actually kind of hurt!

However, there was no time for pain! I had some major decorating to do. I began by looking at the ornaments I purchased. They were nothing special, but the colors were fun and went with the tree. The sparkly purple ones were obviously my favorite, and they were on top nonetheless!

My mom is an interior designer/decorator/whatever, so she knows how to decorate. Because I've watched her decorate the tree all these years, I knew how it was done. With my tree, you have to alternate colors and make sure that it's "even". By that, I mean make sure that certain sections of the tree don't only contain one color of the ornaments. Spread it out, too! Make sure you decorate the back of the tree, even if it is a pain and nobody will see it. I started out with my favorite bulb:

Now, putting ornaments on the tree is a little bit tedious, and it gets super boring after a few minutes. The best part is definitely putting on the tree topper! The topper for the main tree is an angel. My parents decided on that since Sabine and I were born so close to Christmas (our birthday is December 19), the tree needed an angel. My brother said we had a star topper prior to my/Sabine's birth. We are apparently our parents' "Christmas angels", which is how the angel topper came about. 

However, since I will be an étoile (principal dancer for le ballet de l'Opéra National de Paris, plus étoile literally means "star"), I decided to buy a star topper for my tree. It was between a pink, silver, or purple one. Silver seemed to bland and uninspiring (and purple was too "matchy"), so I chose a pink star.

It was NOT easy getting that star on the tree. It took more effort on my part!

After that hard work is finished, it's time to plug the tree in, turn off the lights, and let its beauty illuminate the room.

Here I am posing next to all of my hard work:

I'm seriously in the mood for Christmas and my birthday now! I cannot wait until the gifts are piled up underneath!

If you celebrate Christmas and have a tree, do you enjoy decorating it? If you have a tree, I'd love to see photos of how you decorated it!



Inky said...

Hi Sandrine!

I have a white New Year tree. My family doesn't celebrate Christmas- we do New Year because it is a secular holiday and that's what my Mama and I both grew up celebrating in Ukraine and Russia. There's still a tree and a Santa figure (Ded Moroz) but it's not religious.

Your tree is lovely! Coral has a pink tree- she claims it's coral pink, but it's just regular pink!

Happy Holidays!

Your friend,


18inchesoflove said...

Bonjour Sadrine!
J'aime votre arbre de Noël! Il est si brillant et beau! When is your birthday? I would much like to send you birthday wishes! Passez une bonne semaine!

Bolton Girls said...

You got our tree, Aunt Mary got us the purple tree last year to put up, the year before that we were going to get one after Christmas on sale but they were gone. We had fun decorating it last year, and have not gotten it out yet this year, not sure where we are going to put it as the library and music rooms are so full.

We put an angel on the top of our tree, but your pink star is pretty on the top. Enjoy your tree,

Smiles, Marsali