Monday, February 7, 2011

There's miles to go, but we both know that we'll make it...

Salut, tout le monde! Je ne peux pas le croire- c'est février! Désolée que je n'ai pas écrit. J'étais très occupée.

I think a good place to begin is Super Bowl Sunday...or a night of Lilly vs. Malorie...
Keep in mind that Lilly is from Wisconsin, so she was rooting for the Green Bay Packers all the way. She even made an obnoxious sign which got shoved in Malorie's face on numerous occasions...*sigh* What will I ever do with that girl?

Anyway, surprise...Malorie is from Pittsburgh, so she was rooting for the other team. It was all-out "war". Malorie kept insisting that the Steelers were going to catch up and win, but of course, Lilly said that was impossible. Lilly did some weird victory cheer thing whenever the Packers scored.
It kind-of was; Lilly's team came out on top, and Malorie had to hear all the gloating and loudness that comes with Lilly.

To be honest, je m'en fous. I seriously just don't care about American football, nor do I really even care about real football. Yeah, I do want France to win, but I'm not crazy obsessed with it. The Americans just GO INSANE. Thankfully, Ava wasn't involved since she didn't care for the teams. This saved me from plugging my ears and cranking up the iPod.
I definitely do not consider myself to be a sporty girl; I much rather prefer the arts.

Anyway, Melanie didn't care, either (she only cares if some team called the Patriots plays), so we went and talked to Taylor. It's funny to think that Taylor once thought I was annoying; we are actually becoming quite close. (English class mishap aside...)
Melanie and Taylor have A LOT in common, too. They both love music, they both play guitar, etc. Their friendship was just very natural, as it should be. However, Taylor much rather prefers country whereas Melanie prefers pop.
Anyway, we spent the night talking about music, movies...tu sais, stuff like that.
Anyway, I am also starting to read another book in English. I know, I'm horrible about that. I would much, much rather read in French. The first English book I finished was The Last Song, which wasn't always easy at times, but nonetheless, it was a terrific challenge AND great book.
This next book may be even better...
No judging...hey, what did you expect me to read? ;) Don't you think we kind-of look alike?
Anyway, here is my favorite photo from the book:
I LOVE HER OUTFIT!!!! It definitely looks like something I would wear, too. I love Paris, obviously, but not as much as Nice (where the sun always shines). I do, however, prefer Paris to my hometown of Lille...

More on the Nord-Pas-de-Calais in my next post...



Miranda said...

Even though EVERYONE around my house goes NUTS over football, I haven't HEARD Of it until I moved here a few years ago! Even so, I STRONGLY dislike(or hate) football! I prefer hockey and curling(hehehe, I'm Canadian, and those are their most famous sports!)


Emily said...


I don't get the hoopla over football either. Everyone gets so loud and it's annoying. There was a party at my house. JJ and I made mini pizzas and stayed in my room where it was quiet. I didn't even know who was in the Super Bowl until the day before.


The Green Girls said...

We didn't watch the Superbowl. We're not football fans either. (Or fans of watching any sport, really, though the younger girls play soccer/football with their friends.)

Here in Canada it's not as big. We're just as happy about that.

-The Green Girls

Sophie Amélie said...


Huh? Did I just read that correctly? Did you write that you prefer Paris to your hometown of Lille? Vraiment? Since when?

I mean, I knew you liked Paris and all (who doesn't?), but I thought you much preferred Lille.

By the way, I don't read much in English, either. I keep trying to, but then I give up. I've really only read Le Code Da Vinci en anglais.