Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Merci, tout le monde!

It's a beautiful day outside, and there is no better day for my hundredth post! I guess I should take the time and say this now, since I was too excited to address this in my last post. My readers' support means the world to me! Going into this almost three years ago, I never thought I'd gather the support and love that I have received. For somebody like me, who has dreamed of being famous since she was eight, being nominated for an AGPT Academy Award is both surreal and enthralling. I still can't get over it; I feel like my favorite actresses, Miley Cyrus and Marion Cotillard! Both girls are awesome and real. I totally aspire to be like them! Anyway, if you haven't already voted in the PT Academy Awards, maybe you could vote for moi? (S'il vous plaît?) You don't have to if you don't want to, bien sûr, but your vote is appreciated.
Anyway, here is my publicity poster, made for me by Daily Alexandria photographer/graphic artist Nellie Maureen O'Malley. The colors look nice with my blog, je pense.
Speaking of posters, check out the movie poster to the American version of LOL, starring Miley. The original French version was fabulous, so I'm sure this will be good. The preview should be online soon. I can't wait.
This weekend, I rewatched some of my favorite French movies, including Jeux d'Enfants (which is one of my personal favorites since Marion is in it) and Hors de Prix. I should talk about Jeux d'Enfants and convince people to watch it. It's great. I love how Julien (the male lead) originally marries a girl named Christelle Bouchard. It was very cool to hear, since Bouchard is my last name and my Parisian aquaintance is named Christelle. I just thought that was great, but little coincidences like that are always fun. Anyway, Marion's character, Sophie, and Guillaume Canet's character, Julien, are probably two of my favorite characters in French movie history. They make a hilarious couple, and their game is quite amusing...
Also, I think Guillaume is just the cutest! I also admit to having a crush on Jérémy Kapone from the movie LOL (he played Maël, if you were wondering).
France definitely has the cuter actors. :)


Charlotte said...

The picture of you is so nice!
I really hope they do a good job in the remake, for your sake. there's nothing more disappointing than a great movie and a terrible sequel.
Congrats again on the award!
-charlotte :)

Miranda said...

I LOVE the picture!!! :D


Taylor said...

Congrats on your hundredth!