Wednesday, March 2, 2011

C'est la montée...

There's always going to be another mountain
I'm always going to want to make it move
Always going to be an uphill battle
Sometimes I'm going to have to lose
Ain't about how fast I get there
Ain't about what's waiting on the other side
It's the climb...
-"The Climb" by Miley Cyrus

Salut, mes amis! Cette chanson est parfaite pour ma vie maintenant. C'est très vraie aussi...

So...on Sunday, we found out who won the AGPT Academy Awards (and the real ones! I didn't care for those this year, though), and malheureusement, it wasn't me. There were two options: 1. I could whine and complain about it or 2. I could build a bridge and get over it (thanks, Ava, for the line!). At first, I was teary and sad because I am the girl who has wanted to be famous since forever, but hey, sometimes I'm going to have to lose. C'est la montée. Nobody likes whining, anyway, so you won't hear it from me. Congrats to all the winners! :)

As for the positives, I got to wear the most amazing dress ever! It flattered my figure so well. Plus, black is so my color.
That's the thing about fashion: you should always dress in clothes with flattering fits in flattering colors. For example, girls with dark hair should definitely flaunt the jewel tones- especially the bright reds because I can't. Girls with blonde hair and fair skin look best in cool, light colors. Anything too dark is too harsh. Redheads like me look best in neutrals.
D'accord, I'll confess. I didn't make these tips up. I stole them from Marisol. Hey, I at least gave her credit! I was fair.

Anyway, Lilly tried to comfort me, but I was being my usual stubborn self and wouldn't listen to what she had to say. I felt bad, though, because she's always been a good friend to me. I treat her like total crap sometimes, which I want to change.
Lilly was worried that Melanie hated us because she has been hanging out with Taylor, so I had to go confirm this. I knew Melanie never hated us, especially me. I have more in common with her than Lilly does. Melanie was afraid that Lilly and I were in a fight, which we weren't. We just had a mutual disagreement. C'est tout. I do know now, however, that if Lilly and I were to get in a fight, Melanie would stay totally neutral.
OH. Get this: Lilly is allergic to peanut butter, yet she took a risk and ate the cake with peanut butter icing. That girl sometimes. I had to console her as she used to EpiPen to control the reaction. I also got a lecture about her multiple allergies. I'm glad she stopped before she told me her stories about allergy shots. Those were very graphic...
Now, for the event of the evening that will leave you completely speechless.
Before I introduce you to these three girls, I need to explain some basic French history.
Louis XIV referred to himself as the Roi-Soleil, or Sun King. He ruled from 1643-1715. Louis XVI ruled from 1774-1791; he reigned during the Révolution Française.
Flemish is a language closely related to Dutch. It is spoken in Belgium and sometimes in Northern France. It is also a culture, obviously.
Now that you know the truth, don't take the following seriously. If you do, mon dieu...
RENCONTREZ LES REINES-SOLEILS: NICKI (en rose), VICKI (en bleu), et MICKI (en vert)!!!!
So...we've already established that these three think they founded the Flemish language and culture because their last name is Fleming. We have already established that these three called themselves Sun Queens. They just made their public debut. That's all that's new. They continuously shout "l'état, c'est nous" and claim that they are like supreme beings or something (which is where the title Sun Queen comes into play). The refer to everybody else as "enfants de la patrie", or citizens of the homeland, if you desire an English translation. Yeah. Their stupidity is wearing thin on everyone, including Ava who actually quoted Christelle. So unlike her...
For the full story, CLICK ICI!


The Green Girls said...
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The Green Girls said...

Congratulations on your nomination, and don't give up... maybe you'll win next year!


(Sorry for the deleted comment. It was the same thing as this but the smiley face got messed up and it looked weird.)

The Green Girls

Sophie Amélie said...

Salut Sabine,

Tu est jolie dans le couleur noir! I love black clothing myself, and unfortunately, I don't have enough of it in my wardrobe. I'm loving the black LJ dress that Inky is lending me.

I'd flaunt red, but I don't have enough of that either. It seems my école américaine doesn't allow formal clothing since we don't have any, let alone in red or black.

I think it's an honor being nominated with Piper. I figured that she'd win just because, you know, she's Piper. She's the...Meryl Streep in the doll world, je ne sais pas. But félicitations on being nominated! I was pleased to see myself nominated, too, and pleased that FHSG won something for once. Although it kind of figures that they'd win for something I wasn't in.


Emily said...


I'm sorry you didn't win. But at least you were nominated and know that your hard work is recognized. And you have style and always look beautiful! You look great in every outfit you wear.


bearpicnic said...

Cute outfit Sabine! You are quite the fashionista!

Taylor said...

I love your outfit! Black is such a great color!

Caelen said...

I like your dress too!

Jaycee said...

Sorry you didn't win! Honestly, I think you should've.
And about Nicki and Vicki...What the Hillrise are sun queens anyway!!! Just ignore them...they'll wake up one day.

Jaycee and all of your 1968(9!) friends