Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A few random topics...

This is a continuation of a few previous posts, so bear with me as I work through my list.

Copying- I've said this before and it's on the right hand side of my blog, but I guess I need to say it again. If you want to use any of my ideas, PLEASE ASK ME FIRST. Really, the worst that can be said is "no". By "ideas", I'm specifically speaking of all original, creative ideas- and yes, my blog layout is included with this. I just got a new header, and I really don't want to see facsimiles of it plastered all over the Internet. Really, it's best to use your own ideas. It seems like every time I get a new header, it strikes inspiration in people. I'm not trying to be mean, but I really like to have control of my creative property...I just want some respect. I know that people might like my ideas, and I respect that, but I'd just prefer be asked first.

Chrissa- this goes along with point number one, but it's Chrissa, so it deserves a separate point. I just wish that she would stop trying to be everything that I am, because she's not. Like, she decided to wear BLACK the other day, which is completely out-of-character for her. Thankfully, I talked to her about this, and she actually understood how annoying it was. She is wearing a bright red, which is much more her. I mean, it's nice that people look up to me and are inspired by me, but I want to encourage people to be themselves.

Japan- still no word from Jess and Zan's aunt Akira. I'm a little worried. I realize that she probably doesn't have electricity to keep in contact, so I'm hoping this is the only reason she isn't responding.



Miranda said...

I hope Zen and Jess's family is okay! D: And seriously, it's oaky that Chrissa looks up to you, but she needs to get her own style! :)


Sophie Amélie said...

Salut Sabine,

I hope you don't think I am trying to copy your blog header. I only put up a new one myself because I was upset that my old one was off center - plus I wanted to showcase my newest travel photos.


Cate Flannery said...

I wonder if you wore something really bright and very er... American, Chrissa would wear it just because you were? It could be an interesting experiment...