Saturday, March 12, 2011

Une lettre à Kyoto

Salut! Je pense que tout connaît que quelque chose horrible s'est passée sur l'île de Japon. Il y avait une tremblement de terre et je suis inquiète, spécialement pour Zan et Jess...
This morning, I caught Zan crying and writing a letter to her aunt Akira. (D' it me, or doesn't Zan's outfit look very they say in Japanese kawaii?)
 The letter read:
I'm going to assume that little character means "love", but I do not speak or know Japanese with the exception of a few words Zan taught me. (Also note that Zan and Jess are almost as fluent as one could possibly be in Japanese...)
Now for a brief backstory on Zan and Jess's maternal side of the family:
The grandparents moved to the United States after Zan and Jess's mother was born. They had two additional children- one boy and another girl- in the five years after their to Michigan. All of the children were taught Japanese and English simultaneously, so they were fluent in both languages and had the proper accents for both. (Impressive!) They visited Japan every summer after their move, which of course promoted and improved their speaking skills. Jess and Zan's mother, aunt, and uncle are extremely intelligent. I believe all of them have their PhDs in something. Their uncle now lives on the American west cost and their aunt moved to her parents' hometown of Kyoto, Japan.
This leads into the main point of this post. Jess and Zan are very worried for their aunt. They haven't heard from her since the earthquake. I'm hoping she calls or e-mails. Although Jess and I don't get along AT ALL (Zan and I do), I still feel horrible for them. I can totally relate to them at the moment. Even though their immediate family lives in the United States, I still understand how hard it is to have family overseas and worry about them. I worried about my family when the terror threats in Paris were occurring. I mean, yeah, they don't live in Paris, but I was still scared for them, and I wanted nothing more than to be over there by their side!
I'm hoping for the best. I don't want to see anything happen to their aunt, uncle, cousins, or anybody else in Japan. 

As for a positive, the temperature changes have been crazy, and I wasn't certain on what I should wear. I threw this outfit together, and I'm quite proud of it:


Miranda said...

I don't really worry about my family, but they aren't overseas, and I have only seen them like, five times, so I don't have a very strong connection. I DO understand how you felt, and how Jess and Zan are feeling. :(


The Green Girls said...

We hope Zan and Jess get good news soon. That must be terribly stressful.

The Green Girls

Caelen said...

I hope they get good news soon too. :)

Emily said...

Poor Jess and Zan! That has to be terribly stressful and scary. On a side note, I love your outfit!


Minnie Kitchen said...

very kawaii and harajuku!