Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Think you want to be just like me?

Think again.
It seems as of lately, a young girl has found our photos once again. How, I do not know unless she is a member of AGPT or stumbled across my blog. This photo was posted on Ava's Tumblr, which I have graciously linked to on the side, so maybe she just stumbled across it that way. Je ne sais pas, but I suggest she removes it.
As the writer of this blog and a self-proclaimed creative genius, I know how annoying and disheartening plagiarism, copying, or stealing intellectual property can be. If it is not licensed under Creative Commons, it cannot be used for your benefit and any breech of that is centering on illegal.
I have also experienced this with Chrissa today. *sigh* She has been trying to copy my outfits or make up stories about her life that are basically facsimiles of mine. It's totally annoying. First of all, THERE IS ONLY ONE ME. Yeah, I understand that she looks up to me, but I do not take it as a compliment when people think they can just copy me. I'm an individual.
Message to Chrissa: stop copying me. You are not me. You don't live the same life as me. You don't have the same ideas at me. Your life is nothing like my life. Stop trying to dress like me. Shop trying to do and be everything I do and am!!!!! It's frustrating!
I am not a piece of paper. You cannot photocopy me. You cannot take every tiny aspect of my life and make it your own. Stop dressing like me or wanting to dress like me. Get your own style.
In other words, in a world full of copiers, be an original!
This doesn't just go for Chrissa- it goes for everyone. Everybody is unique, so create your own style, write your own thoughts and ideas, sing your own song, take your own photos, and please stop trying to be something you're not. Living in America, I have witnessed the Americans in action. They are especially obsessed with trying to rock to somebody else's beat.
Sorry for the vent. It's just frustrating, especially when you like constructive feedback. I shouldn't have to worry about my ideas or photos being stolen. People should know not to do it out of respect. I mean, the least you can do is ask and the worst anybody could say is no...
Everybody reading this, thanks for putting up with my vents about Chrissa and those young girls who actually think it is fine to take intellectual property without any rhyme or reason.
It's disheartening, again, and makes people want to stop sharing what others enjoy and use properly...


Anonymous said...

Hi Sabine,
I'm sorry to hear someone posted one of your photos without permission. I didn't see a link to it on the side. I was wondering if she was pretending it was her picture, or if she at least gave you credit for it. I wasn't sure where she had posted it. I just want to understand the situation so I can better emphathize with you.

Reagan said...

Oh that's horrible. :( Try to take it as a compliment of how beautiful the picture was?

I hope it gets straightened out Sabine. :(

all4dolls said...

Oh dear! I have had this happen, too and it feels awful. I hope the person stops and removes any stolen photos.

Caelen said...

That's horrible.

Miranda said...

HOW could someone be so heartless and practically STEAL a photo? AND, while on this pressing matter, WHAT IS WRONG WITH CHRISSA?!?!?! It's wonderful that she loks up to you, but she needs to get a LIFE! >:(


AGDollFriends said...

Hi Sabine,
We're worried about this situation. Obviously with this kind of pirates we're all in danger of being copied!
I hope that person comes to her senses and realizes that she needs to respect others.

Pirate: Go create your own ideas and don't cover your lack of creativity by being a lame copycat!

Whitney said...

Hi Sabine, sorry this happened. I learned my lesson so I swear that it was not me this time. I have my own photos and I can understand that i would be peeved if someone stole my pictures. I hope you find them and that they learn their lesson like I did.
<3 Whitney and The Hillrise Girls