Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Who owns my heart?

Who Owns My Heart?
Gérard Lemercier is my other good guy friend. While I haven't known him as long as I've known Julien, I can't help but have a crush on him, too.
Gérard moved to Lille from Mont-de-Marsan in third grade. At first, I thought he was a snob! His mother inherited quite a bit of money when her parents died, so he always had the latest and greatest EVERYTHING. He was able to afford clothes from Galeries Lafayette and Printemps that were not even on the sale rack. His sister Adrienne, who is two years younger than us, always had the best clothes.
Was I jealous? Think again. Mère never allowed Sandrine, Sébastien, and me to look or dress bad. She bought us nice, high-quality clothes, too. They were just on sale. That was the only difference. To be honest, there's no shame in that. I mean, if you buy clothes on sale, you can get more clothes than you would if you only bought the not-on-sale things.
Back to my story...I got over whatever thoughts I had about Gérard and decided to pursue a friendship with him for one very immature reason- I wanted to get invited to his house. I eventually did, and his place wasn't that great. I guessed they were the type of people who didn't believe in showing off their wealth by owning a fabulous home. The interior design of their home looked very much like mine...
...wait. Mère helped them to decorate their home. She's an interior designer, but not like an elite or famous one; you wouldn't see her on HGTV. She does it for fun, but she also gets paid.
Anyway, dinner with the Lemerciers was very enjoyable. They had lively, intelligent conversations; sometimes, their conversations were sometimes even in English as they believed in learning and obtaining fluency in as many languages as possible. I was completely impressed. I think their love of cultures was what really made me want to pursue a friendship with Gérard.
Our friendship took off once I introduced my parents to his. Our families became quick friends, mostly because mine loved traveling as much as his did. When I was in 7ème (the equivalence of 5th grade), our families planned a trip to Rome together, and that was one of the best vacations of my life! Gérard and I bonded, especially since we were allowed to go on walks together. Like Julien, I told Gérard everything. We especially discussed Sandrine, who was progressively getting worse. He understood. He understood anything.
Then, of course, like my story with Julien, Gérard was there for me in 6ème (equivalence of 6th grade). I shouldn't have to explain that; he did the same things Julien did. :)

So these are my boys. ;) I could see myself marrying one someday, actually. But which one? I couldn't choose whom I like more! It's too difficult! They are both cute and both the nicest guys ever. For any girl, this choice would be near impossible.

This would be extremely impossible for Chrissa. She is too obsessed with Frenchmen for her own good. Speaking of which, I will post about Chrissa and her boyfriend sometime this weekend. I won't have computer access until Saturday. Hopefully, Aurélie will be joining me in America. ;)

(Note from "the human": Aurielle has been renamed Aurélie; I like that name much better. I needed to use it for something besides Sabine's middle name.)


The Green Girls said...

Ooo, the boy-related drama! It's like a novel!


We agree about clothes on sale, by the way. Off-brands, too, sometimes. If you can get something just as nice by spending less money, why not save the extra for something else you want?

The Green Girls

Sophie Amélie said...

Salut Sabine,

Et ta soeur Sandrine? Was she friends with Gérard and Julien, too? LOL, I guess she could marry one of them, you could marry the other, and you'd have them both in the family. ;)

I hope Aurélie was able to get a plane ticket to America. I know you miss her, and I'm looking forward to "meeting" her through your blog posts. :)


Emily said...


I always buy my clothes on sale, too. Actually Mother won't ever pay full price on clothes so I don't have a choice.

There is only one boy I kind of like, but I don't think I will marry him. I'd much rather continue stalking Joshua Jackson until he notices me :)


Cate Flannery said...

Hi Sabine!

I had this best friend growing up (who was a boy) whom I thought I was going to marry. Our parents joked about it all the time and we even dated for a bit. Unfortunately, we aren't really speaking right now. It's a long story... but I hope things work out differently for you and Gerard. Or Julien. Hahaha. If only we all had the luxury of choice. You know, this is starting to sound like Gone with the Wind.

We buy a lot of things on sale too. When I was skating, most of my money went towards skating dresses. It's kind-of nice to have extra money for real clothes now!