Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What's Not to Like?

Salut! Je dois vous dire quelque chose chouette!!! Je ne peux pas la croire...

Before I share the exciting news, I should first give some probably already obvious background. I started this blog almost three years ago with the intention of documenting my life in America and comparing it to my life in France. I never intended for it to be successful or read a lot, but I guess my faithful readers have proved me wrong.

I, Sabine Aurélie Bouchard, have been nominated in the AGPT Academy Awards in the category of Best Writing.

 One of my reasons for coming to America was to establish a name for myself and hopefully become, well, the next Miley Cyrus. (My parents don't know this. The less they know, the better. They think I just wanted to expose myself to more of the world and improve my English, which I do, but I still can have a hidden agenda.) I have waited so long for this to happen, and now I feel like my dream is taking off. I dream of being in the spotlight. I dream of my chance to shine. Life in the spotlight. Designer clothes you wear one time. Autographs and 90,000 screams. You party all the time. Wouldn't you want that, too? Who could blame you? What's not to like? I could be living the life of the Edwards girls one day!

Oh, if only Aurielle were here! I mean, it's nice celebrating with Lilly and Melanie, but Aurielle is my best friend after all.

And of course, some people on my end are not happy. The people who fall into the "Sabine is such a loser; she does not deserve this at all" group are as follows:
1. Ashley Edwards
2. Alyson Edwards
3. Alyssa Edwards
4. Sandrine Bouchard (my oh-so lovely twin)
5. Nicki Fleming
6. Vicki Fleming
7. Micki Fleming
8. Jess McConnell
Oui. Ashley is more upset than Alyson. You probably don't believe that at all, but it's true. Ashley is WAY WORSE than Alyson. Way, way worse. Unlike Alyson, she actually has a brain and she knows how to use it. Add money to the mix, and she is completely dangerous and untrustworthy. Alyson is your stereotypical, absent-minded heiress. Ashley is not. She knows what money can get her. She knows how to hurt others.

Oh, and Jess. She's just jealous. I'm so tired of her and her incessant bragging...I wish she would just disappear.

This calls for some California dreaming. L.A. anybody?
Oh, I also received some heart-shaped cookies for Valentine's Day. I only had one. Lilly, on the other hand, ate about six...


Charlotte said...

congrats on the award! I totally think you deserve it :)

Emily said...

Congrats, Sabine! What an honor to be nominated!