8th Grade Graduation: Deux

Salut, tout le monde!
It looks like Sandrine already told you about 8th grade graduation, but she didn't tell you the complete story. To be honest, I felt a little uncomfortable that she tried to make me out to be "the bad guy". She wasn't completely in the wrong, either, but I felt a little upset and hurt by the whole situation.
To make a long story short, Mère decided to buy us little presents for completing the school year. She knew that I needed a new party dress of my own since I always wear Sandrine's fur-trimmed dress, so when she found the perfect dress on sale (for a very good price, may I add) at Galeries Lafayette, she knew she had to buy it for me. She bought Sandrine a present, too, but she mailed them separately, and Sandrine's gift just arrived today.

When I went to get dressed for the ceremony, I couldn't find my dress. I looked everywhere, and I eventually found it where I didn't want to find it: on Sandrine. We share clothes all the time, and we are both good about doing so, but for some reason, Sandrine wasn't doing her part. She knows to ask me whenever she wants to wear something new of mine that I haven't worn yet. Instead, she just took my dress and proclaimed that it's more her style and that the sharing rule shouldn't matter since I don't normally care. Oui, I don't normally care...when it comes to old clothes! I can't believe I actually argued with her about why I should wear the dress. She wasn't going to listen to me anyway. Angry and fed up, I ended the argument with, "Je vais porter quelque chose qui est vieille!" I put extra emphasis on the last word, and that really ticked off Sandrine. I didn't mean to, though. I let my anger get the best of me.

I didn't speak to her all evening because I knew that it was best for me to ignore her than to say something I might regret and get her started again. I mean, I did say something to her about the awful "diplomas", but that was it. Sandrine did tell me, "Tu regardes mignonne!"
While she might have been saying that to try and clear the air between us, I took it the wrong way. I took it as she only said I looked cute to make me feel better about the fact she took my dress. To be honest, I was actually looking forward to 8th grade graduation. Yeah, the idea behind it is a little silly, but I couldn't wait to wear that dress with leggings and my black blazer to celebrate. Instead, I was stuck wearing clothes I've had for years. There's nothing wrong with that, but I wanted to wear something special for the occasion.

Something entertaining did come out of the evening, and that was Nicki and Vicki's matching outfits. They always match or coordinate, and it makes me so mad. Because of them, many people expect for Sandrine and I to dress all "cutesy" and "twin-like". That is neither of our styles, and anyway, Nicki and Vicki aren't entirely normal. I thought that they looked cute, though. I especially liked Vicki's outfit, seeing as I like pants more than dresses.

I did feel bad for Taylor because Vicki took her diploma...

...and Nicki tore it!

I didn't think they would take their hatred to that extreme. Taylor laughed it off and said it was just a diploma for graduating eighth grade. She said if it were her high school diploma, she would probably hurt them. I'm glad Taylor wasn't too offended. She knew what to expect with those two. ;)


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The Greens and The Roses said...

Sabine, I don't blame you for being upset. I would have been, too. Sister stuff can be tough anyway, and I know it's even more so in your situation.

I'm glad Taylor was a good sport and didn't take it too hard.

Congrats on your graduation!