Saturday, June 16, 2012

Folie à deux

Salut, tout le monde! Comment allez-vous?
Between decorating for the dance; studying for finales; practicing for the talent show; trying to decide what song to sing for the talent show; and prepping for 8th grade graduation, life has been hectic around here, so I haven't had much time to post.
After my audition, I had to rush to room in which the dance is being held so I could begin decorating. Lilly was the only other person there at first, and we were worried that we'd have to decorate alone. We decided to wait to see if anyone else was going to join us before we headed into serious business, so we just relaxed. I practiced my autograph (for when I'm famous, bien sûr) while Lilly obsessed over her serious problem.
"Ugh, Sabine!!! If my GPA isn't at least a 3.6, my parents are going to randomly shut my phone off without warning...again!"
I sighed. Lilly was a very bright girl, but she didn't exactly pour her heart into her academics. The only subject she is truly interested in is science-particularly biology and anatomy- so her other courses tend to take the backseat. "I offered to tutor you in French," I informed Lilly.
Lilly groaned. "You know I hate French with a passion. You also know I hate grammar. Seriously, you probably even write in English better than I do!"
I laughed. "I don't know about that."
"For one thing, I can't spell. For another, I don't know how to use commas properly," Lilly informed me.
"Comma usage is one of the hardest things about English," I did agree with her on that. While English was definitely my strongest subject (next to Spanish, which is extremely easy considering it is a Romance language), commas were always something that baffled me. We don't use them in French like they are used in English.
"Yeah, well. It's whatever. Really. I'm cool. I want to be a doctor, anyway. I guess it doesn't matter if my parents shut off my phone, either. I lost it...AGAIN," Lilly rolled her eyes. She was always misplacing ("losing" isn't exactly the word I'd use) her phone, and to make matters worse, the battery was oftentimes dead or the volume was off. "It's an iPhone, so I'm just worried about people stealing it. That is something that people without scruples would steal, you know!!!" Lilly added, then she paused. "What are you doing, ANYWAY, Sabine?!?!?!"
"Oh, I'm practicing my autograph for when I'm famous. Which one do you like best?"

Before Lilly could answer me, we were interrutped by incessent honking and loud, obnoxious cheers.

And then we saw it...or rather, them. Chouette...and I say chouette in the most sarcastic way possible.

"Bonjour, enfants de la patrie! Don't worry; we're here now! Did you two really believe that you'd have to decorate alone? The Sun Queens are skilled decorators. I mean, have you seen Versailles? We know you have Sabine, but we probably can't say the same for Lilly!" Nicki laughed.
"I've seen pictures. Isn't Versailles that palace with the mirror gallery or whatever it's called?" Lilly snapped.
"Galerie des glaces," Vicki corrected Lilly. Lilly was one of my closest friends and all, but sometimes, I couldn't believe the things she said. She wasn't, per se.
"I stand corrected. Merci a lot!" Lilly gave me a look which said, "I want the Flemings to leave!" I couldn't blame her; Nicki and Vicki were extremely obnoxious and overbearing. They liked to take over and control EVERYTHING. When they were involved, it was the Nicki and Vicki Show. Everybody else was just a mere spectator!
"Beaucoup! This is a Franglais free zone! You're in French class! You should know these easy things!" Vicki snapped. "Your accent is terrible when you try to speak French!"
Lilly smirked. " I actually care."
"Maybe you should. It's useful to know a foreign language. Look at me," I said. I felt a little offended by Lilly's ignorant comment.
"This is America. Everybody speaks English here, and if they don't, they should," Lilly replied.
I didn't say anything after that. It was useless to get her to see that knowing a foreign language can open so many doors. She wants to be a doctor, and I definitely feel that it would be useful in that case she ever gets a patient whose native language is French. Sadly, I've realized that it's a large part of American mentality to look down on knowing another language. I know not all Americans feel that way, but a lot do. It drives me crazy.

My rant aside, Vicki glared at the decorations, and I mean glared. "This looks awful! I could obviously do better!" 

While Vicki was criticizing the decorations (which weren't even set up properly yet!), Nicki found my English notebook, which contained my practice autographs. She brandished it while I tried to yank it from her hand. "Ooh, what's this?" She cooed.
"Give it back!" I raised my voice. While I had nothing to hide, I still didn't want her to see my practice autographs That would kind-of embarrass me. 
Nicki laughed. "You have to fight for some things in life, Sabine."
Yeah, I agreed with that statement, but I shouldn't have to fight for my English notebook!

"Hi! Sorry I'm late! I had to audition for the talent show last. I guess it doesn't really matter, seeing that I'm here now!" A voice beamed. It was Taylor. I knew that trouble would follow, considering Nicki and Vicki have an intense hatred towards Taylor. I couldn't even tell you why; I don't understand it myself! I do know that it has to do with the fact Taylor looks similar to them, but if that's all there is to it, then their animosity is very ridiculous. 

Nicki and Vicki decided to be their usual immature selves and scream at the sight of Taylor. They then proceeded to hide behind the Eiffel Tower and cringe in fear and disgust. 
"She's here..." Vicki whispered.
"Don't make any sudden movements. She's on to us," Nicki added. 

"I guess I'll place the flag at the top of the tower. I can't believe that hasn't been done yet!" Taylor exclaimed as she began climbing. I couldn't believe it, either. I was certain that Nicki and Vicki would kill each other trying to decide who gets to put the flag at the top of the tower. 

Well, I was half right. Nicki and Vicki were LIVID, and I mean LIVID when they saw what Taylor was doing.
"HEY! YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!!" Nicki shouted.
"Yeah, putting the tricolore at the top of the tower is like putting the star or angel on top of a Christmas tree! It's a special duty reserved for special people, and special people clearly means ME...or Nicki..." Vicki stated in a very matter-of-fact kind of voice.
"I don't know who you think you are. May I add that we are Sun Queens? Therefore, we have authority over you and take priority over you," Nicki whined. 
Taylor rolled her eyes. "Well, I'm sorry. I was just trying to help out. You aren't the only two on the decorating committee, you know."
"BE THAT WAY!" And with that, Nicki and Vicki proceeded to shake the tower.

"Ugh! Please stop! I'm not in the mood to fall today. I do that enough with cheerleading! Just stop! Please! I'll drop the flag and let you put it on top. Anything!" Taylor cried out in fear of being shaken off. Taylor was right; she did get enough of that with cheerleading. She was a flyer on the cheer squad, which meant that she was usually the one who was thrown in the air. Mia is on the cheer squad, too, and she never really helped with catching Taylor, so Taylor usually ended up falling. This was precisely why I found a lot of American sports to be silly- I would not trust somebody to throw me and catch me! It sounds a little scary.

Taylor climbed down from the Tower, and she felt uneasy on her feet. Vicki was unfortunately waiting for her, and Vicki grabbed Taylor and said, "Why, thank you."
"No problem," Taylor winced.

All of the sudden, Vicki's cell phone began to ring. I later found out that awful ringtone she had was called "Pretty Girl Rock" by Keri Hilson. It was about the most horrible song I have ever heard, but it definitely fit Nicki and Vicki's personality. (They are basically clones of each other, so they don't have different personalities.)
Micki, Nicki and Vicki's cousin, then entered the room, climbed on a chair, and began to sing something that was obviously a parody of the "Pretty Girl Rock".
"My name is Vicki 
And I'm so sticky
My, oh my, it's a little bit icky
Boys are so picky
Because they choose Micki
Over me and my twin Nicki"

The parody made me laugh so hard; I couldn't breathe at all! I literally rolled on the floor laughing!

Lilly then approached Micki and said, "Don't you have to actually be pretty to have that as your ringtone?"
Micki laughed and said, "Yes! Why do you think I made up that parody?"

Lilly then approached me. "I see that somebody thought that was funny."
"It was hilarious," I replied. "They kind-of asked for it."

"I'm glad that you liked it, Sabine," Micki told me. "I seem to have a gift for making up parodies on the spot."
I nodded in agreement. "You definitely do. This one may have been better than the other one you made up."
"NOTHING is better than my parody of 'Red High Heels'. Come on!" Micki laughed.

Nicki and Vicki soon decided that Taylor and I needed nicknames. I was stuck being Sabs, which was what Chrissa always called me. I hated it so much, and I found nicknames in general to be obnoxious. However, Nicki and Vicki thought that it was funny that Chrissa called me that, so they wanted to, too. Taylor was stuck being TayTay, which, in my opinion, isn't much better than being called Sabs. The twins even wrote these nicknames on a star:

And lastly, the twins demanded that we take a group photo of "the best decorating committee ever that happens to have one terrible member":

At the rate we were going, I felt like we would never finish decorating. I really wanted to vote Nicki and Vicki off the island at that point.



Emily said...

Poor you! Nicki and Vicki are crazy! I don't know what else to say.


The Greens and The Roses said...

Wow, that is... something! ;-)

I'm sure Nicki and Vicki get frustrating sometimes (or perhaps frequently) but it's good that you get some laughter out of it.


The Spicys said...

Where did you get that adorable Eiffel tower? It looks like one that was at Bath and Body works a while ago (I really wanted to get it when they finished using it!)

Mackenzie (a Spicy!)