LMPT: Quel temps fait-il aujourd'hui?

Bonjour, tous ceux qui lit ce blog!

The first round for the LMPT contest was "weather", and I had the most perfect idea, which was partially inspired by my lovely hometown of Lille.
I, Sandrine Giselle Bouchard, decided to be your charismatic weather girl.

Now, let's analyze my choice of clothing. I decided to borrow Sabine's clothes. Ha, I obviously didn't learn my lesson, but whatever. Je m'en fous. She didn't whine, surprisingly, because she considers these clothes to be "old". I just felt that a black blazer screamed "professional", "weather girl", and "look at me- I'm on the five o'clock news!" Feel free to disagree, though.

I also...ugh...wore pants. Those who know me well know that I despise pants/jeans/etc. with a passion. They aren't fun, and they aren't cute. I much prefer skirts, merci beaucoup. Once again, I just felt that pants looked like something a weather girl would wear. I also wore heels, and enjoy it! I rarely do this, considering that my pointe shoes tear up my feet enough.

Also, yay for meilleures amies! I enlisted Malorie to help me out, and she agreed. I dressed her up as a thunderstorm. The reason I went with a storm was because it rains ALL THE TIME in Lille. Why not pay homage to my hometown? That, and I had the best idea for a thunderstorm costume. Here Malorie is rocking it:

Her attractive head wear is supposed to resemble a cloud. It is made of crumbled up pieces of paper. I originally wanted to make it out of cotton balls and packaging peanuts, but we didn't have any of those. I figured that paper was the next best thing. Isn't it crazy-looking?

I taped a lightening bolt made of aluminum foil to her chest. If it's going to be a terrible storm, lightening might as well be involved! I like that the lightening is shiny; that was the look I was going for. Her outfit is all-white, too, considering she's supposed to be a cloud. I would have much rather went with all-gray, but we are lacking in that department.

Finalement, la pluie! En anglais, c'est-à-dire "the rain". I'm actually most impressed with the rain. It is made from cut up strips of zip-lock bags, and they are taped to Malorie's arms. They are kind-of thick strips, which is supposed to represent a torrential downpour.

Did you enjoy the behind-the-scenes shots? I certainly hope you did, seeing as I had so much fun with this round. I loved creating Melanie's costume as well as taking our photo for this round. Oh, and speaking of that, the moment you have been waiting for:

On the top of the backdrop is the sentence, "Quel temps fait-il aujourd'hui?" That means, "What is the weather today?" Malorie is representing the daily forecast in Lille while I'm clearly telling my lovely "viewers" about it.

That was the behind-the-scenes look at my entry for LMPT Round 1. Keep checking back for similar entries for every round!



Reese said...

Bonjour, Sandrine!

I think you look beautiful in your outfit, and a weather report is a very creative idea! I like skirts better than pants as well. :)

I like Malorie's outfit as well. You did a very nice job putting it together. Good luck!

Reese <3

The Greens and The Roses said...

Very cool picture! I love the thunderstorm costume. That's so creative.

Thanks for explaining your process of creating the image. That was interesting to read.


Saoirse said...

Dia duit Sandrine!

What a great idea! I love the costume, especially the rain. It's fun seeing the thought that goes into each picture!

I almost entered the LMPT competition this year, but decided not to at the last minute because my camera is nearing the end of its life. :D

I'll be rooting for you!


Reese said...

Hi again Sandrine! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated your blog for the Your Blog is Great Award! Congratulations!

Reese <3

Jess said...

Hi! :) I love your blog!
~ Jess