Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Un tremblement de terre!

Salut, tout le monde!
Mon premier jour de l’école était très intéressent. Il y avait un tremblement de terre, mais je ne connais pas jusqu’à j'ai regardé la télévision! Lilly m'a dit qu'elle l'a senti! Mais, elle parle beaucoup, et elle pourrait mentir...

More on the first day later because I have some photos I need to upload. And really, who cares about sitting in classes and taking notes when there was an earthquake!
An earthquake, oui. A few of my French friends heard about it, and they spammed my email inbox with their questions. To answer those questions, ce n’était pas incroyable! Je ne l'ai pas senti!

With that out of the way, I can safely say that I didn't really feel it. If I did, then I didn't know. I am seriously kicking myself- I sooooo wish I felt that. I could have then added it to my "Strange Experiences in America" list! Lilly claims she felt it because she saw a desk shake and pencil fell off. Hmm...well, that could have been the earthquake, but that also could have been Nellie kicking the desk...

More on school tomorrow!



The Greens and The Roses said...

Wow, an earthquake is kind of an exciting idea, even if you couldn't feel it.

We heard on the news that people felt it as far north as New Brunswick.

Of course, we're further north than New Brunswick. ;-)

So obviously we didn't feel anything either. Glad you're safe and stuff!


Juliette, Lucie et Claudette said...

Happy first week of school, Sabine. We started back on Monday the 22nd. Juliette is very happy to get involved in homework again, but I am very restless in class. It's 90 degrees outside! I don't want to sit in class when I could go to the beach!

We heard about the earthquake. We've experienced a couple of them since we moved here to Southern California, but we are supposedly more prepared for it than you are on the east coast. I'm sorry you missed it, but the really hard ones are scary!

À bientôt,


Ava said...

We had an earthquake today too, the entire planet is falling apart: run and save yourself! WAAAA!

I'm still bitting my nails; it was so scary! I wish I didn't feel it like you.

Now if you excuse me, I'm going to go back to hide under the bedcovers again.