Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mon habit préféré

¡Hola, todo el mundo!
I just thought I'd shake up my greeting. You guys have probably already realized that "hola, todo el mundo" is the Spanish version of my usual greeting, "salut, tout le monde". I might as well practice my Spanish every once in awhile.
Anyway, I am completely in love with the blazer and pants I received for Christmas and my birthday. I think I have a new favorite outfit. It's so classic and so simple; I can't help but love it! My mom actually got something right for a change. Um, I think my brother probably helped her, though. I told him what I wanted. That's what good older brothers do- help their parents shop for their younger sisters. ;)

So, what's your favorite outfit? I'd love to hear about it! You could also do a blog post about it; I'd love to see photos.



Emily said...

Totally cool Sabine! My favorite outfit is probably my Coconut tee with capris and cowboy boots. I also love the snowflake shirt I'm wearing in my most recent blog post.


Miranda said...

Well, the favourite outfit out of all my doll's stuff would be the photographer outfit on Willow(my JLY #33) with trouser jeans... But, I plan on making quite a few blazers for her, because that's her favourite thing to wear! XD She has a similar fashion sense to you, as you can probably tell. :) I love the outfit you're wearing, too. It just screams Sabine! :D


The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

My fashion jeans and bright red sweater is my favorite outfit right now, it makes for a comfy but stylish outfit or so I think, lol


all4dolls said...

Your outfit is great. It has a comfortable but "in style" look to it. You probably have noticed that I don't care much what I wear, but many of my sisters do! I'll have to ask them to post about clothes. :)

~ Kiki

Rose said...

Love it! My favorite outfit is the white top from Saige's sweater outfit, the sweater, a pink and white chevron skirt and pink and green sneakers!