Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Ultimate Holiday Wishlist

Salut, mes amis!
It's getting to be that time of the year again, and you know what that means- Christmas and my birthday (they are only six days apart!) I like to make my list early, and here are some of the things that made my birthday/Christmas

The best Christmas surprise ever: tickets to see Miley Cyrus in concert, the chance to hang out backstage with her, get her autograph, and take pictures. This would complete my life. However, seeing that nobody would do that for me, I'll go with more practical things I might have a chance of getting.

1. An iPhone
Chrissa and Lilly have iPhones, and they are obsessed and occasionally brag about their capabilities. My cell phone is quite old. Actually, it's a hand-me-down from my mom. I think I deserve a new phone- one that can hold my iPod's contents as well as function as a phone.

2. A black blazer
Preferably made from the LJ Sofia Blazer pattern, this tops my holiday list alongside the iPhone. It would go perfectly with both my pants and skirts.

3. A striped shirt
Like THIS ONE from Sew Urban Designs! It's so cute, and once again, it would look great with my black pants and black flounce skirt.

4. Gray pants
Enough said. I need gray pants.

5. A sweater dress
Gray or black, I don't care. I want a sweater dress so badly.

6. A trip anywhere! I'm not picky. Preferably, I'd like to check out NYC or DC.

That is all for now. There are plenty of things I'd like- such as more clothes and shoes. I'll add more to my list when I think of things.
What does everyone else want for Christmas? I'd love to compare and contrast lists with my readers.



Inky said...

Oh Sabine, it is times like this that our age difference is really obvious!

I think an iPhone would be perfect for you. I have one, but it's pretty normal for NYC kids to have smartphones. I spend a lot of time on the subway going back and forth from ballet class and rehearsal. Plus, NYC is so big that the maps feature is pretty helpful. I'm sure it would be great in Lille too.

But hmm, maybe I should do a holiday wish list post too. It's my birthday in a little over two weeks, so I have hopes for that too.

all4dolls said...

I wish I could get an iPhone! That would be awesome, but I'm not counting on that. I need to make a Christmas list, too!

~ Kiki

Miranda said...

I planned my list months ago, but it's changed SOO much since late August(or was it early September... ?) That neither of the lists have anything in common.

I KIND OF want an iPhone, but I would only really have a major use for the music and apps, which my iPod can have, so there's really no need for me to have one. XD

A few things on your list some of my dolls want, too! For instance, Sonali wants to go to NY or LA, Willow wants a blazer of two(or three) and Lily wants a new iPhone.

I think your list sounds great! :D


Emily said...

You're gonna hate this, Sabine, but I really want a purple hoodie for Christmas. I've been promised one for awhile, but it hasn't happened yet.


Makennah said...

Hi Sabine! I've missed chatting with you over these past few months. I don't have my Christmas list completely done yet, but I'd really really really like an iPad. And I'm hoping for Marie Grace for my birthday - which is next week! I also want a sweater dress, I've been watching the hooded tunic at All Dolled Up for awhile now. We'll see! Glad to see you again!

The Greens and The Roses said...

That's a great list, Sabine! I hope you get at least some of what you want.

I'm still making my Christmas list, but the main thing I'm asking for is the Cozy Sweater Set from AG. It looks warm and comfortable, but I think it's still cute.