Saturday, November 19, 2011

Un cadeau pour Chrissa...ou Christelle?

¡Hola, todo el mundo! ¿Cómo están ustedes? Estoy bien. Sí, hablo español. Tengo que practicar español y hoy no quiero hablar el francés.

Oui, so I took a break from my regular French greetings so I could practice my Spanish. I guess I should have done this post title in Spanish- it would be un regalo para Chrissa o Christelle if anyone was wondering. Because of all of Julien's help, I have been in the mood to speak Spanish lately. It's such a beautiful language, and it is quite similar to French, so it isn't that difficult for me. A lot of the words are similar- for example, in French, library is bibliothèque. In Spanish, it's biblioteca. The only thing that sometimes messes me up is that there are no silent endings on Spanish words. Every letter is pronounced. I have a hard time saying the "s" at the ends of words as is...
Besides, Spain is a gorgeous country. Anybody who wants to visit should visit someday.

Anyway, I have made my decision. I have to come back to the boarding school. I miss the Americans too much (I even miss Chrissa)! Julien said that he would try to visit me, and MAYBE AURELIE WILL JOIN ME? It's been nice seeing my old friends, but I just feel that I need to gain that sense of adventure again.

Moving on...
My mom took me shopping, and I bought this charm. I'm not sure to whom I should give it!

Option 1: Chrissa
Oui, I know I complain about Chrissa all of the time, but I actually kind-of miss her. Yes, she gets on my nerves, but she means well. She is just passionate about foreign languages; therefore being in the presence of French people excites her. I should be more accepting of that. I'm glad she has an interest in a foreign language. It's more I can say about some of the people I have met. I don't know if I necessarily consider Chrissa to be a friend, but even if I did, I could safely say that she would be a better friend than some of the people I have met. She would love receiving such a charm, and as she would say, it would "make her life". She wouldn't be a true Francophile without an Eiffel Tower necklace! She has wanted one forever, anyway...

Option 2: Christelle
Christelle est de Paris, as most of you know. She did purchase an Eiffel Tower necklace in the States to remind her of home, but she constantly complains that it looks cheap. This charm is a little bit prettier (I think), and I could give it to her, and she could give her old necklace to Chrissa. Chrissa doesn't care what the Eiffel Tower charm looks like- I think she just wants an Eiffel Tower necklace. Not very many people are actually nice to Christelle, and I can admit that I am distant towards her at times, too. I think giving this to her would be a way for me to say to her that I am there if she needs to talk. Although she may be from Paris and I may be from Lille, we're both French- regional differences aside. Being French is like sharing a juicy secret that the Americans do not know about.

So, I need some feedback...who should I give it to?

Also, some updates to my ultimate holiday wishlist...
I don't think I want an iPhone anymore. My mom made a good point for once in her life- I already have an iPod touch, and I don't need an iPhone just for phone capabilities. I would like a smartphone, though, just because I want to stay in touch with my friends. If my mom can get me a cheaper smartphone, I think that would be better. I kind of want a new laptop, anyway. Mine is on its last stages of life. There are also some other clothing items I found that I'd like...



Emily said...


I think you should give the charm to Chrissa. I think it would make her feel good and know that you don't think she is silly/annoying.


The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

Hmmm that is a rough decision for making .. I would say probably Chrissa, she seems to need something to help her feel connected to you and maybe it would help your relationship too.


The Greens and The Roses said...

Hi Sabine, this is Kaya. :-)

Personally, I'd give the charm to Chrissa, because it sounds like she'd really love it.

I think it would be nice for you to get Christelle a small gift too, for the reasons you said... so she'll know you're there for her.

I don't think the necklace itself would be as important to Christelle. What would be important would be the gesture. Whereas for Chrissa, both the necklace itself AND the gesture would be special.

Am I explaining that in a way that makes sense?

If I were you, I'd give the necklace you have to Chrissa, and pick out something else for Christelle. It doesn't have to be something big or expensive. Just something little to show she's in your thoughts too.


Inky said...


I would give the charm to Chrissa. It seems as though she would appreciate it more than Christelle. Is it meant to be worn as a pendant? Or clipped on to something?

I like Chrissa because she's a dancer! ;)


Miranda said...

If I had the choice, I would give it to Christelle, because Christelle is kind of "distant" from you at times, and this would give her more of a reason to be nice to you. Then, she could give Chrissa her old necklace, so in a roundabout way, YOU are giving them BOTH a gift! :D Christelle wouldn't need her old necklace, and if you tell her that her old neckalce "could" be for Chrissa, she might get the hint.

Or, you could just get a second necklace so that the two of them could have a little something from you. ;D