My first trip to NYC!

Salut, tout le monde ! Devinez ce que j'ai fait pendant le week-end?

Any guesses? Well, I guess the title of this post gives it away! Let me explain...
My brother, who is studying abroad at NYU for the year, turned 20 on Saturday, and my dad was going to attend a special lecture on Friday. So what happened? I got to miss school on Friday and Saturday to fly all the way to NYC! Sandrine had ballet, plus there is no way Maman would let her miss school because of her grades. I kind-of feel bad that my mom had to stay home to be on "Sandrine duty", but it was her idea...

My dad, my brother, and I decided to go to a restaurant in Brighton Beach. For those who aren't familiar with that part of the city, it is full of Russian-speakers, shops, and restaurants. When Sébastien mentioned wanting to eat there, I immediately thought of my good online friend, Inky. I would definitely need her to translate for me, seeing as I know absolutely no Russian. Before meeting Inky, though, I enjoyed a delicious five-course meal with my family:
Course 1:

Course 2:

Course 3:

Course 4: 

Course 5: 

After enjoying one of the best meals I have ever had, it was finally time to meet Inky. Although I've never met her in person, I feel like I have known her my entire life. I was a little nervous, being 5 years older than her. I didn't want her to think I was some scary teenager, but Sébastien reminded me that kids usually think teenagers are pretty cool. I sure hoped so! I was so glad that my dad actually let me spend an hour with her while he and my brother did some snack shopping. My dad was relieved when he found out that Inky's moms and friends would be with us; he didn't want me roaming around Brighton Beach by myself. He told me that creeps like to kidnap girls my age, so he was glad that I had a lot of adult supervision. Merci, Papa. My dad is never the overprotective one, but I understood why he was relieved. After all, I was in a city in a different country. 

My dad and brother walked me to the Starbucks to meet up with Inky's moms and friends of her moms'. It was an awkward situation for my dad, especially since he doesn't exactly speak English. He knows some basic phrases, but that's it. Sébastien and I were his translators!

At long last, I finally met Inky! She was just as I had expected her to be: sweet and fun. I also liked seeing the "Inky buns" in person, and I was quite jealous of her outfit. It was adorable, especially the gorgeous peacoat. We sadly only got to spend about an hour and a half together, but I promised her that I would have to visit her again soon. We were dying to take pictures on the beach and boardwalk, but it was raining. I was bummed about the weather, but hey, being from Lille, I'm way too used to rain for my own good!

I also got to meet Inky's friend, Hanabi. She reminded me of Sandrine, but with different facial features.

I tried to beg my dad to let Inky come home with us, and I begged Inky's moms, too. It would be fun to introduce Inky to all of my friends as well as Lille. My dad said that Inky would be welcome another time, and Inky's moms said the same about me. I feel like our time was cut short...or maybe time really does fly when you're having fun?

Later that night, I hung out with Sébastien in his dorm room. I was also able to meet his roommate, Matt, who was pretty fun (and totally attractive, may I add). I also sorted through some of the goodies that I got this afternoon. 

I HAD to buy this magazine featuring my girl Miley! I was extremely pleased with this purchase. Next time I visit Inky, I'm totally going to have her translate for me. Studying the cover, I think I figured out how to spell "Miley Cyrus" using the Russian alphabet. Those are clearly important words to know, right? OK, they are important words to me...

Inky gave me these really cool boots and told me to give them to Aurélie as a gift from her. I knew for sure that Aurélie would love them. They are definitely her style!

I also snagged this Youth American Grand Prix poster for Sandrine.

Most importantly, though, Inky's family surprised me with these macarons! They even got me a rose-flavored one, which was totally awesome considering that is my favorite ice cream flavor. I was so stuffed from lunch, but I couldn't help but want to devour the whole box right on the spot. 

Overall, I had a great weekend and particularly great Saturday. Not only did I get to celebrate with my brother, I also got to meet a good friend and fellow blogging buddy. I want to thank Inky, her moms, and her moms' friends for a great day...and a great introduction to NYC.

I'll be back...hopefully sooner rather than later. What I've seen of the city is incredible, and I hope to see more. I'd love to go to Times Square!



Marta said...

Hello from Spain: great city. I see this city in many TV series in my country. Lovely dolls. Keep in touch

Rachel said...

Une belle recontre! C'est bien amusant NYC. Je viens de là en effet mais je suis déménagée au Québec il y a pas longtemps. J'espère que tu as eu beaucoup de plaisir!

Melody Silverleaf said...

What a wonderful time you had!
The outfit you, Inky, and Hanabi are wearing are really nice. The black and grey is perfect for NYC.
If you are ever back in the states and interested in seeing Philadelphia, we'd love to show you around.
Best wishes!