Saint Valentin (en retard)

Bonjour ! C'est Aurélie, et oui, j'écris de Saint-Valentin en retard ! Désolée- j'étais trop occupée avec la danse classique. 

Valentine's Day. I know it was months ago, but I'm now finally getting around to posting about it. 

I first opened my card from Inky...

Inside the bag was the cutest puzzle!

After that, I pulled out the envelope. I love how Inky put it together- her cards are always adorable.

I loved the "danse" pin that she included! I immediately put it on my dance bag. It adds a nice touch, right?

The second gift was rather large, and it was from Julien. I know that money is tight for him right now, so I hated to see him spend a lot of money on me. I wondered what it could be? The boots I want? The cutest dress I saw in a little shop?

I carefully tore off the pretty pink paper (in my favorite shade, nonetheless) to reveal an American Girl doll!

I've heard of these dolls before. Sabine was Skyping Lilly once, and she noticed that one of Lilly's childhood dolls was on the top shelf of her closet. Lilly's doll turned out to be an AG doll that looked like her, and she named it Fair Lillith. Lilly believes that the doll is possessed, evil, and will haunt her dreams, so it's out of the way. Lilly thinks dolls are absolutely terrifying! I have a collection of antique dolls on a shelf in my room that were passed down for generations, so I guess I am used to "creepy" dolls? Dolls were a large part of my childhood, though I don't really enjoy them now. I felt terrible that Julien spent that kind of money on me- especially on a doll! He really didn't have that money to spend. I was thankful for his gift, don't get me wrong. I just feel bad when does such things despite not being in the best place financially. 

When I opened her box, however, I realized why Julien bought her for me. Like me, she was a dancer- an aspiring professional ballet dancer. I quickly skimmed through her book, which I'd have to read at some point to work on my English skills. I noticed that Isabelle doubted herself a lot because of her competition. I don't doubt myself, but I really get upset when Sandrine gets the parts I wanted. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's because I'm too shy while Sandrine really promotes herself? I don't know. We're both on the same level. I wouldn't call Sandrine outgoing. In fact, she really keeps to herself. There is just something about her personality that screams, "Look at me!"

Julien included a note with the doll that said (rough translation):
I know you're too old for dolls, but when I heard of this one, I knew I had to go out of my way to get her for you. I did my research, and she reminded me so much of you. Happy Valentine's Day!
It was the sweetest thing ever, Julien being one of my best friends and all. He really gets me, but maybe because we are both painfully shy and quiet? He's just one of the only genuinely nice people I know. (Sabine says I need to meet Melanie when I do the summer program in the States; Melanie is apparently the same person as me. She's shy, quiet, reserved, and an awesome flautist! Maybe we can practice playing our flutes together?)
But for now, I really have to hand it to Julien. He's pretty great, and I'm glad that he's in my life.
Salut, tout le monde ! C'est Sabine !
I'm writing about Valentine's Day, too. Julien sent me the prettiest red roses, and I went out to dinner with him, his mom, and sister. Coral, Inky's friend, also sent me a pretty valentine! 

The theme of the card was a bingo board. I would definitely have to hang it on my ribbon board!
Merci, Coral !


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