Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bonne année!

Bonne année, mes amis! Je suis désolée que je n'ait pas écrit, mais je suis retournée maintenant. Le décembre 31 était très amusant. Voici des photos...
Happy New Year, my friends! I'm sorry that I haven't written, but I've now returned! December 31 (New Year's Eve) was VERY fun. Here are some photos...
Yeah, I wasn't expecting to go party crazy like the Edwards heiresses (they returned to Beverly Hills for some event...). Instead, I just planned on relaxing and reading the book, Le diable s'appelle Meri. It's a really good book; I highly recommend it. I'll get back to you on what the English version is called...because it's not called The Devil's Name is Meri.

I also talked to Christelle and Lilly...mes deux meilleures amies! (my two best friends)\

We were getting a little bored, which was bad because we wanted to pull an all-nighter. Mia came over and asked us if we "like, want to, like, play charades?" She then totally flipped when she saw the book I was reading. "It's, like, in a different language!" She declared to us. Oh, plus she was looking at it upside down...Americans at times......
We started our game of charades. I was on a team with Christelle and Lilly. Ava, Nellie, and Liz were on a team and Mia, Chirssa, and Sandrine were on another. Ava somehow got to go first. She pulled the card that said "Stupid Frenchy" and instead of acting it out, she POINTED TO SANDRINE!

 Of course, since Sandrine is so vain, she couldn't take it. It was funny to hear her insult Ava in French. My favorite Ava quote of the night? "I'm happy that you have the guts to insult me to my face, but please; let's hear it in English."
It was then Mia's turn...and (NO SHOCKER) she had no idea what to do. "I think I'm, like, supposed to be acting like a model?" THEN DO IT M|IA! ZUT ALORS!

Je t'aimerai toujours (I'll always love you) if you guess what Nellie is. Everyone got a good laugh out of this one....Nellie's so....weird?

Chrissa HHHHAAAAD to spoil the fun, as usual. She shouted, "IT'S MY TURN NEXT, SABS!!!" In case you didn't know this, MY NAME IS SABINE SO CALL ME SABINE. I, in no way, like or want to be called Sabs.
I then (politely, bien sûr!) kicked her out. I guess that was good because she went to hang out with the other dance team members.
Despite Chrissa and her boisterous antics and obnoxious alacrity, I had a FANTASTIC New Year's Eve! I hope to boot that with a TRÈS FABULEUX year!

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Sophie Amélie said...

Je pense que tu as fait! I think that you did have a brilliant New Year's Eve. Les charades avec ces filles? Elles sont très, très bizarres! Nellie, Ava, Mia, Sandrine? *sigh* Et, non, I don't get what Nellie was trying to act out, je suis désolée.