Monday, December 28, 2009

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Sophie tagged me in this little meme. Here it goes:

List 7 songs you're into right now...

1.Il faut que tu t'en ailles- Marie Mai
2.Tu t'en fous- Marie Mai
3.Dream- Miley Cyrus
4.Je veux chanter pour ceux- Laam
5.We belong to the music- Miley Cyrus featuring Timbaland
6. Emmene-moi- Marie Mai
7. La Montee- Lili Bouvard

What car do you want when you're older?
I want a VW light blue! (Those things are flipping amazing...and super cute!)

Where do you want to live when you grow older?
L.A. I seriously feel like I belong in Hollywood. Who knows? Maybe I'll return to Lille.

Where do you want to go to college?

Université de Lille...or Harvard. ;)

How many siblings do you have?
Une jumelle (a twin)- Sandrine Giselle et un frere (and a brother), Jacques. Il a 16 ans. (He's 16.)

How many children do you want when you grow up?
Two!...daughters to be exact. I have names picked out and everything.

Boys or girls?
Deux petites filles

City girl or country girl?
Je suis de Lille....largest city on the France/Belgium border. Plus, I want to live in that one for yourself. ;)
Flying or driving?
Flying...I can go more places!

Biking or swimming?
Biking; I'm an avid bike rider. Back in Lille, I rode my bike basically everyday.

 Not for me. I do enjoy watching French football (aka soccer.) NASCAR IS THE WORST (hinthintava)

Books or movies?
Tous les deux...can't chose one!

School or chores?
L'ecole (school)! In France, I got all 18s on my report cards, which is super good considering the fact that it's hard to get 18s. Chores? Nah. That's what parents and older brothers are for. ;)

Inside or outside?

Wednesday or Sunday?
Sunday. ;)

Friends or Family?
Both. It would have been nice to be with my family for Christmas. I miss my French friends, too.

Fried or Scrambled Eggs?
Neither...I prefere hard-boiled.
Pancakes or cereal?
MON DIEU! I can't stop laughing at this one...huge inside joke....

Big meal or something small?
I'm French; I prefer something small. ;)

Movie or TV show?
MOVIES! (Hannah Montana: Le Film, La Vie en Rose....)

Favorite thing to do outside?
Ride my bike. Or in the winter, throw snowballs at undeserving American tourists. (I did that all the time back in Lille...)
Favorite meal?
Anything French

Place to read a good book?
In my room...on my bed

Favorite vegetable?
Haricots verts (green beens)

Where do you want to live when you graduate?
L.A....or back in Lille. I'm going for L.A. though. ;)

What time of day do you like best?
La nuit! (Night) I could stay up all night if I were allowed...

What is your favorite flower?
I love roses....l'amour ;)

Do you like writing?
Bien sur!

What is your favorite month?
December- my birth month and CHRISTMAS (and St. Nick's day....)
(LOL I have to note...I was about to write St. Nicki's day.....)

Do you like adventure?
Oui...especially in foreign countries!

Do you collect anything? If so, what do you collect?
I collect Miley Cyrus CDs and shoes. (I am a shoe freak.)

Do your grandparents live near you?
My dad's parents live in Lille, so when I'm home, yes they do. My mother's parents live in Bordeaux, so that's a distance from Lille. Bien sur, now that I live in the US...they don't live near me.

Are you bored of this?
No...I love filling out this stuff!

Mia S.
(and anyone else who wants to do this)


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Awesome - we sound alike in a lot of ways, but hey, I'm not really surprised! ;)


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