Friday, December 25, 2009

JOYEUX NOEL! (et mon anniversaire...)

Bonjour, mes amies! Je voulais dire "joyeux noël"! J'ai reçu beaucoup d'argent. Je pense que je vais acheter des vêtements. 
Haha, I didn't forget a translation: Hello, my friends! I wanted to say Merry Christmas! I got a lot of money. I think I'm going to buy some clothes. What girl doesn't LOVEEEEE clothes? There are so many things from Liberty Jane that I want! Seriously, their clothes are the best. I have two of their tanks...totally recommend them! So, now you know what to do with your Christmas cash.
Anyway, here is what I wore this holiday. Mère sent it to me....Sandrine has the exact same one. Oui, I'm listening to my iPod. The song? La Montée by Lili Bouvard. (Listen to it sometime on youtube; you'll recognize the song.)

I forgot to make a blog entry for my birthday!!!! QUELLE DOMMAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My birthday was le 19 decembre, so I belated this entry a little bit. Let's just say that my party was horrific. I feel bad saying that because Lilly did her best to make it "special", but when everyone else goes to Sandrine's (Sandrine wouldn't let me have a party with her. *rolls eyes*) party and you're stuck with Nicki and know what I'm getting at....
But this is how things WENT DOWN:

 Of course, I asked my twin if I could have a party with her. You already know what happened. Shall not repeat. She was totally rude about it, but whatever. I couldn't expect her to be nice.

Christelle came, which was nice, but so did NICKI AND VICKI FLEMING. All they wanted to do was prank call people. Ava does that all the time....that means it's bad. ;) Nicki called a Mexican restaurant and was all like, "HOLA! DO YOU WANT SOME LLAMA BEANS TO GO WITH THAT TACO?" That was a Chrissa joke. (MON DIEU! I'M SO HAPPY SHE DIDN'T COME!!! She would totally be annoying! But what's new?) Then, Vicki called and pretended that she was going to have a baby on the 10th of NEVER. Um...they have been labeling themselves as the "BEST PRANK CALLERS EVER" but personally, I felt like they just wasted people's time. I'm surprised that no one hung up on them.

Nicki and Vicki sort-of convinced me that it was just "harmless fun", and I had to open my big mouth and say, "Yeah! It's not like we're going to order a pizza and have it delivered to someone else's house."
Um. Let's just say they convinced me to call a Mooresville, NC Pizza Hut and have a pizza delivered to John Seffner, Ava's was actually funny at first, but then I felt like I committed a major crime.

I then started to cry; my party was going terribly! All I wanted to do was listen to music, play some games (NOT prank call or ding dong ditch), and watch Hannah Montana: Le Film or La Vie En Rose! Lilly totally made this party (THAT SHE PLANNED FOR ME) hers and she didn't care if Nicki and Vicki took over!

GET THIS!!!! Nicki wanted to sit down, and I was too depressed to get up, so SHE SAT ON ME!!!!! Then, Lilly heard her favorite song playing at Sandrine's party, so she left! SHE DIDN'T RETURN, EITHER!!! J'etais tres fachee! She planned this and she left...what a bad friend!

That's when Nicki, Vicki, and I went over to Sandrine's party. Ava saw us and started flipping out; she told us that "some moron sent my dad three large STUPID flipping pizzas. That's when harmless prank calling turns wrong. When I find out who did it, that person better find a good hiding place!" Um...since I did it, I couldn't look at her. Instead, I turned around and died laughing. Ava was lost and she started screaming, "THERE'S NOTHING FUNNY 'BOUT IT!" Nicki and Vicki backed me up, though, saying it was drop dead hiiiiilarious.

Lilly and I may have gotten into a little heated argument, but hey, all friends have to fight/disagree sometime. It's part of being human. We're still best friends, and the more I thought about it, the more I thought that maybe I was being the negative one. She did something super nice for me, and all I could do was act like a brat and complain. And my party wasn't even that bad....after all....'s time to get revenge on the Flemings....
Well, that's all for now! Happy holidays!!!
~Sabine :)


Mia S. said...

Merry Christmas Sabine! Sorry about your party, but I'm glad that you are still friends with Lilly. Have a good rest of your day.

Cali Hazelwood said...

Merry Christmas and happy belated birthday! Sorry about your birthday party. It sounded like Lilly and Nicki & Vicki were just trying to have fun...even if it was very annoying! I hope you had a great December (despite your birthday party) and have a happy holiday!



Sophie Amélie said...

*sigh* Those Flemings...leave it up to them to make prank calls. And Americans wonder why we French don't like them so much! It's Americans like Nicki-Vicki that ruin it for the rest!

Joyeux Anniversaire, Joyeux Noël, et Bonne Année! :) And don't worry about "forgetting" your birthday - half the time I forget mine. Ce n'est pas importante...

Ooh, et merci pour la récommandation musique!!