Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ma coiffure fabuleuse!

Bises, tout le monde, bises!
I'm so sorry I have been MIA, but I am preoccupied with other danceline and dance classes. I don't really go to danceline practice, anyway, so I should have time to update you people on my life. Oh well. I'll try to be better about that! Now that my sister had to go back to France, I'm stuck doing my own homework now. NOT COOL. I hate math so so much...

Anyway, this post was inspired by the lovely Cate Flannery. She has beautiful red hair like me, and her latest post reminded me that I had a few photos of my latest and most favorite hairstyle. So I will share those with you.

Here's what I did: I parted my hair in the center and crossed over the front of the left side to the right side and French braided it.

Isn't it so elegant? I love it!

Oh, bonus photo!

Sandrine xoxox

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