Today Was A Fairytale

Bonne Saint-Valentin, tout le monde!
Sorry that my Valentine's Day greeting is late; however, I haven't been able to share my photos until now. Life's been pretty busy.
Anyway, you may be wondering about the title of this post. Valentine's Day was indeed not a fairytale; however, it is a Taylor Swift song featured in Valentine's Day- one of Lilly's favorite movies. It is one of Lilly's favorites because Lilly's birthday happens to fall on Valentine's Day. Her favorite color is pink, so she says she has the "prettiest birthday".

On Valentine's Day, we took a break from studying to exchange cards.

Here's Lilly with the Valentine's Day/birthday card I gave her.

I wrote it in French just to make her mad. Although she is in a French class, her French skills have a long way to go. She'd rather just stick with the sciences. If you'd like an English translation of the card, I wrote:
Dear Lilly,
I am very happy that we're friends! You are very funny, and you are my first American friend. Happy birthday!
Happy Valentine's Day, Lilly!
With the French aside, she loves the card because of the tissue paper background I used.

Here is the front of the card Lilly made for me. As usual, she took the simple route.

Her card has some scientific/anatomical flair to it, which kind-of amused me. It was very entertaining.
In case you can't read it, she wrote:
Arteries are red.
Veins are blue.
You're a great friend...
...and my heart thinks so, too!
Happy Singles Awareness Day!"
I guess I might as well explain why she said Singles Awareness Day. She wants a boyfriend who will send her pink roses and three-pound boxes of chocolate. True fact- she told me that about a million times. She's a hopeless romantic.

Here we are with our cards!

Oh, and I bought my twin sister Sandrine some presents, too. She'll have to wait to receive them, though. Regardless, I hope she is pleased! Since she is a talented ballerina, I got her a necklace with a ballerina charm on it. I bought her a spare charm (a ballet slipper) in case she wanted to shake things up.

 Here's a close up of my gift to Sandrine la ballerine:

Bonne Saint-Valentin, mes amis! I hope you guys had a great day with your family, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, and loved ones!



The Greens and The Roses said...

Aw, what great cards! I love them both! Lilly's scientific poem made me laugh, and your message was very sweet.

I wouldn't mind having someone buy me chocolate, too... ;-)


Deserèe Chevelle said...

The necklace (and charms) are really cute!