Salut, tout le monde! C'est Sabine, et ce soir, je suis allée à une boum. 

Julieta invited me to go to a party with her. The party was for some girl she was friends with, and Julieta assured me that I would like this girl the second I met her. I, however, wasn't so sure. Julieta seemed to love everybody, including the people I couldn't stand. 

Julieta laughed and asked if she should introduce herself to new people as "Julie Alonso". I had to laugh back. Julie Alonso was Julieta's alias because many students and teachers struggle with the "h" sound at the beginning of her first name and "s" at the end of her last name. I assured her that she would always be "Ulieta Alonso Moralé" to me. I asked Julieta why Aurélie didn't join us, and she said that Aurélie was upset with her. Aurélie asked her how she felt about the flamenco classes she was taking, and Julieta said they weren't as advanced as the classes she is used to. Well, of course! Julieta is from Sevilla! I guess that upset Aurélie, but Aurélie is ALWAYS over-sensitive. It drove me nuts, even though she's my best friend. 

Julieta told me to wait her while she found her friend. Er, she shouted. That's more accurate than "told". I tend to hate stereotypes, but there is some truth in them. Julieta is loud compared to us French, and the Spanish have a reputation for being, well, loud. It's something that I'm not used to, and it startles me. I guess I should be use to it, having spent several summers in the States with some very rambunctious friends!

She made her way through the crowd, and I felt nervous. I sometimes felt uneasy meeting new people, especially in large social settings. I love spending time with my close friends, but I really need my alone time, too. I also like to stay with my friends in these situations, so I didn't like that Julieta ditched me...even if it was only for a few minutes!

Finally, she returned with a girl and proudly declared, "Sabine, I want you to meet Sabine Brindeau! Are you sure that you and Sandrine don't have a long-lost triplet!"

I wasn't sure what she meant by that until I made eye contact with the girl. Woah. Not only did she have my hair (but with thicker bangs), she dressed like me, too.

"Are you sure we aren't related?" She giggled. I nodded "no". Who was this girl? Where did she come from? And how did Julieta of all people know her? Seriously, Julieta can't even name all of the students in our math class. I don't know how she'd meet my creepy lookalike who is probably secretly evil and wants to destroy my life. I'm pretty sure that's how it works; I've watched a lot of movies. 

"Um, who are you?" I stammered, unsure of what else to say. I was too creeped out to say anything else. 

Without making eye contact, she laughed. "Je m'appelle Sabine Brindeau. Je t'ai déjà dit cela!
Well, duh. Of course I knew her name! But who was she? How did she know Julieta? What is she doing here? I've never seen this girl a day in my life! I go to a large school, but I'm pretty sure this girl doesn't go to my school. Needless to say, I did what every angry person does. I further questioned her.

She shared some of her story. "I'm Sabine Brindeau. I'm from Lille, too, but I obviously don't go to your school. I was an exchange student in the United States last year, in the state of North Carolina, to be exact."
Great. This made sense. She probably knew Ava, and Ava probably sent her to harass me. Next time I Skyped with Ava, I was going to flip out. I asked her if she happened to know an obnoxious blonde named Ava Seffner, and she said that she didn't. She studied near Winston-Salem, not Mooresville. Or so she says...not sure if I can believe her. Ava will tell me the truth, though! Anyway, Other Sabine told me that she met a boy over there, and she really wants to go back to be with him. She said that Julieta thought she was nuts for wanting to meet this boy again. After all, Julieta was Julieta sin Romeo. I, however, was intrigued by this idea of a long-distance relationship. It probably sounded more romantic than it actually was, but being a teenage girl, I wanted her to tell me all about him. Maybe talking to her would make her seem less mysterious. However, I still don't know much about her. That is literally all I know. She wouldn't tell me what part of Lille she's from, how she knows Julieta, or any of the other invasive-yet-necessary questions I asked. I just know that she's in love. Aren't we all? I mean, all of us except for Julieta, I guess. 

I told Julieta that I wanted to go so that we could watch a movie with Aurélie. Although we both weren't on the best terms with her, I still considered her to be my best friend. I kind-of promised that we'd watch a movie together. We were going to watch Intouchables, a comedy/drama about an unexpected friendship. It was one of my favorites, and I was sure that Julieta, who hasn't really watched French films, would enjoy it, too. 
I did tell Other Sabine that I hoped to see her again, and she hesitantly said that she'd like to. Honestly, the only reason I hoped to see her again was to get more scoop on her background because like I said at least a million times, THE GIRL IGNORED SOME IMPORTANT QUESTIONS. I am NEVER this nosy and involved in people's lives, but Julieta wanted me to meet this girl for a reason. It was my duty to find out what that reason was.  

As we left the party, I asked Julieta why she wanted me to meet Other Sabine. Julieta smiled and said, "You'll find out...algún día..."

Have you ever met a mysterious person?


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Amélie Strauss said...

Wow, that's creepy someone was that much like you, Sabine! I hope you get everything figured out before something bad happens!

I've never really met a mysterious person, but I've seen some people that look a bit mysterious just walking down the street, but never someone who is basically the same person as you!