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Salut, tout le monde...c'est Sabine ! 

What's the big news? Well...

YOU CAN NOW FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM! That's right- you can follow me, Sabine, on Instagram. My username is @sabineaurore. Be sure to follow me!

My account is basically a behind-the-scenes look of my daily life. The photos are normally cell phone photos because as I said, it is more of a look into my life. After you follow me, be sure to follow the account that showcases better photos and features my friends: @thepoupeebrigade.

If you have an Instagram account and want me to check it out, leave me a comment with your username! If you follow me, please leave me a comment, too, so I can be sure to accept your request and check out your account. 


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sophiaandemma said...

Hi Sabine,
We just sent you a follower's request on instagram. We're using the user name hfxgirltoo. Our account is shared between us and our mom.
Sophia and Emma