Surprises from Kit-Kat and friends!

Salut tout le monde ! C'est Sabine, et j'ai été occupée avec lycée.

Recently, I received a package from Kit-Kat and friends in the mail. It was a nice surprise, especially in the midst of a crazy school week! The day I got the package started out as a great day, though; the package just made it better. I wore my new sandals, new tank, and new lace shirt to school and received many compliments. I love wearing new clothes to school!

Here I am with some of the items in the package I received. Not everything is pictured. A pretty purple dress was also included; I just know Julien's sister will love it! A pretty black and pink Eiffel Tower gift bag is also not shown in the photo.

The first thing I will show you are fun hair accessories for Sandrine. Sandrine was at one of her dance classes when I opened the package, but she saw them when she returned, and she loves them! Purple is her favorite color, she wears a lot of black, and she loves sparkles. They are perfect for her.

The next thing was for me. They are cards with bikes on them. I love to ride my bike, so these cards were a perfect choice.

I literally freaked out about the next item- a Hannah Montana shirt! I can't wait to wear it. Isn't the print cool?

The next thing was wrapped securely in a striped bag. I wonder what could be inside?

I pulled out a cute Chinese figure!

They must have gotten her for me when they went to Vancouver! I have the perfect place for her in my room.

Special thanks to Kit, Kat, and their friends for the thoughtful surprises! It was nice to come home from school to a package.


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