Une nouvelle amie

Salut, tout le monde! C'est Sabine, et cette semaine était folle!

For those who didn't read my last post, I began school on the 3rd. Since I'm in lycée now, I have even more work in order to prepare for le bac, the big end-of-lycée exam. I realize I've been bad at blogging, and I'll probably continue to be bad at blogging until I have more free time (which most likely won't come until any of my breaks).

On my first day of school, I decided to wear this cardigan, lace tank, jeggings, and boots. I am not a fan of the boots, but Sandrine wore the shoes I wanted to wear. Of course, I wore her boots as my way of getting revenge.
The first day went well; I felt super confident in my new outfit, my cartable wasn't geeky, and I got a new cell phone. Plus, I was going to meet Julien at the park after school. He told me he wanted to discuss something important, and I was anxious to hear what he had to say.

I plopped down by the only tree at the park. My mom was probably going to kill me for sitting in the mud, but hey. There was nothing I could do about it. It was so nice to relax after a long day of learning. Plus, it was actually sunny for once!

As I went to text Julien back, I realized I couldn't because I couldn't find my phone. I freaked out! It was brand-new! Not only would my mom flip about the dirty jeggings, she'd seriously lose it if I told her I lost my new phone! My dad would even flip out on me! 

Before I could get up to look, a girl with long, dark hair approached me. In accented French, she said, "I think you dropped this."
She had my phone...she had my phone!!!! I was ecstatic! That was one less thing to worry about!

I asked her where she found it, and she told me she found it on the gravel path. It must have slipped out of my hand without me realizing it.

The girl sat down beside me, and something about her looked extremely familiar. When she introduced herself as Julieta Alonso Morales, I knew that she was Carlota Alonso Morales's older sister! They are from Sevilla, Spain. I completely forgot that she was staying with Aurélie this year! Like Carlota, Julieta is a flamenco dancer. I began to tell her about meeting Julien here, and that led into a huge discussion about my guy problems. Julieta laughed and insisted that she would be Julieta sin Romeo (Juliet without Romeo) until she finished colegio (Spanish equivalence to lycée/high school). Therefore, she said she couldn't really help me since she's never crushed on anyone or had actual guy problems. 

Julieta was super friendly and social. As a rule, I've noticed that most Spanish people are. She's nothing like her sister, though. I'm glad I won't have to worry about her crushing on Julien. She seems like she doesn't want to deviate from the whole Julieta sin Romeo thing she has going on. It sounds like she has too much of a life for a relationship, anyway. School and flamenco take up a lot of of her time, plus she's learning how to play the guitar. She also likes to cook for her family and sew her own clothes. In her free time, she likes to do things with her friends. Oh, and she's teaching herself Arabic. See, I don't really have that much of a life. I have school, homework, voice and flute lessons, friends, and obviously enough free time for boy problems. 

Julieta is what my best American friend Lilly would call "chill". So, my new goal for this school year is to make la senorita Julieta Alonso my role model! I'm going to strive to be as collected and awesome as she is. Let's hope I can do it...


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Catherine said...

I love your girls outfits! Your girls always dress so nice. :)